Sevrid the Red

"Come, let us dance, and see who the gods favor most..."
User: Ulysses
Campaign: Duran Keep
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class: Warlord
A young Northman, Sevrid is named for his blood red hair. He seeks to fulfill the destiny set forth for him by the gods.
Hailing from the far frozen north, Sevrid is the youngest son of his clan's Chief. Marked by his blood red hair and dark complexion, which sets him apart from his blond- and white-haired clansmen; many whispered that his birth was influenced by the dark forces that beset his people.

Showing an early aptitude for war craft, Sevrid was trained to assume a position of leadership among the clans' warriors. This he longed for: a simple life, free from the politics and jealousy surrounding his father and eldest brother, the Chief and Heir.

Alas the gods laugh at the plans of men, and on his 18th naming day they sent a vision to the clans' old witch woman! As she was consumed by the vision from the gods, she uttered a vast and terrible prophecy: The Red would unite the clans of the north and lead them into an age of strength and prosperity!

Upon hearing this, the chiefs of the northern clans became jealous and fearful of their own power, and Sevrid was forced to flee his homeland.

Now, Sevrid the Red travels the world, seeking allies and knowledge, so he may return to his home and assume his destined position as the leader of his people... yet always he must be wary of the hunters that seek him still.
Knowing that his family will seek him, Sevrid headed away from the closer settlements to the south, where they would surely seek him first. Instead he has journeyed many weeks to the southeast, to the marches, eventually coming to Duran Keep.

Questioning the villagers has lead him to seek the counsel of Horing, priest of Erathis, and Rhogar, veteran of the Bold Brigade. From these wise men he hopes to discover the next step on his journey.