Sir Judge Joseph Dredd

"I have spent my life devoted to the study of the law, I eat, sleep and breath it. It is my sworn duty to Ryke and Rykeria to see that the law is upheld. To those who feel that the law need not be followed I have only one thing to say to you. I AM THE LAW!"
User: Roneh
Campaign: Heavy Skies
Race: Human - Rykerian
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/9th
A bastion of all that is right and just in Rykerria, His Honorable Eminence, Ordained Judge of the Holy Paladin Order of Ryka, Sir Joseph Dredd sees himself as the defender of the law. At 6'4" and 275lbs with dark close cut hair, and piercing blue eyes, Dredd utilizes both his strength of arms and training as a Paladin of Ryka to ensure that the law is upheld. Despite his intimidating appearance gained from his matched set of blades Galileo (the falchion of thundering speed) and Copernicus (the scimitar of sacred burst), Acanthion (heavy spined shield) and full plate of armor, and his intense attitude towards matters of the law, Dredd can and does show compassion and discretion if deemed appropriate for a situation.
The following is the rough workings of Geophrey Dredd.

Bio of His Honorable Eminence, Ordained Judge of the Holy Paladin Order of Ryka,
Sir Joseph Dredd
A Rykerrian
By Geophrey Dredd

The fifth child of a middling textile merchant in his home city of Atdale, Joseph received tutelage from his uncle, The Esteemed Grand Tutor of the Academic Arts, Geoffrey Dredd. Because Joseph would speak out and stand up for ideals that he viewed as right and just, Joseph’s uncle sought out his contacts at the Oras Chapter of Ryka. After some weeks of correspondence, the Chapterhouse sent His Honorable Eminence, Ordained Judge of the Holy Paladin Order of Ryka, Master of the Devine Arts, Master of Arms, Holy Rykerian Battle Leader, Hero of Rykeria, Paladin of the 28th Holy Order of Ryka, Sir Victor Krause of Dawnalder Village, to assess young Joseph. After many rigorous hours of testing, Sir Krause concluded that at the age of six, Joseph was a good candidate to start Paladin training at the Oras Monastery.

Joseph’s first years at the Oras Chapterhouse were spent training his mind, body, and soul to prepare himself for the rigors and trials he would undergo in his effort to become a Holy Paladin of the Order of Ryka. By the age of 15, he had established himself as the leader of his age group, largely due to his natural affinity to evaluate justly and fairly, and had been selected as the Paladin Select Leader of his group. Joseph was eventually became one of only six students allowed to continue training to become a Paladin of Ryka. After being placed in the sect of Paladins known as The Judges, Joseph spent the next five years at the Judges Citadel of Ryka, undergoing the intense mental and physical training to become a Judge. This training ensured no mistakes were made by future Judges, as they were expected to carry out the sentence mandated by the Law. At the end of his training at the Citadel, Joseph was tested for the next level of Judge training.

For the last three years of Judge Paladin training, Joseph, was assigned to Judge Krause, who served to mentor and train Joseph in the field. At the end of his first year, Judge Krause was already giving Joseph free reign in all matters that determined a party’s guilt and sentencing. After only 18 months, Joseph was dubbed Sir Paladin Dredd, due to his championing of Rykerrian ways as well as upholding Rykerrian Law. At the end of Joseph’s third year of Judge training, Judge Krause gave him a full recommendation for acceptance into the Sect of Judges. Sir Joseph then presented himself to the Grand Council of Judges, and for his final test before being bestowed with full Judgeship, Joseph was sent on a sacred quest to fight a horde of demon spawn.

After their return, Joseph and Sir Rico were summoned to the Coronation Hall, where the head of the Grand Council, Her Honorable Eminence, Ordained Judge of the Holy Paladin Order of Ryka, Master of the Devine Arts, Master of Arms, Holy Rykerian Battle Leader, Hero of Rykeria, Paladin of the 38th Holy Order of Ryka, Head of The Grand Council of Judges, Laerye Paen of the City of Ryka, called a start to the Judgeship Coronation Ceremony. In keeping with centuries of Judge Paladin training, Joseph was called to recollect his final trial.
This is his account.

    “Upon receiving our sacred charge, Armand and I assembled the arms and equipment as was deemed necessary for the long and arduous journey that had been commanded of us through the Judges Grand Council, by our Lord and God, Ryka, at the Catacombs of Demonsgift and set out upon our faithful steeds, myself upon my own mighty Praetorian. After many weeks of steady travel, of which the only notable events were two minor attacks by several small groups of bandits, we arrived at our decreed destination of the Catacombs of Demonsgift. Making camp a safe distance from the catacombs, Armand and I spent the night in prayer to Holy Ryka, in preparation for our battle soon to come.

    At first light, with much praising of Ryka, Armand and I strode with holy purpose into the nest of vile demon spawn. Upon entering the catacombs Armand and I in unison called challenge ‘Hale ye vile beasts of darkness and evil know that we, the Holy Paladins of Great Ryka, have come to rid the Earth of your unholy presence. In the name of Great and Holy Ryka, we will cast thee back into the pits of damnation, with the holy strength granted to us this day by Great and Holy Ryka. Know ye that this day, the last day ye vile spawn are suffered to be on this Earth, We the Holy Paladins of Great Ryka, Sir Dredd and Sir Rico will end you, and sanctify this unholy ground!!’ to the demons so that they may know their coming demise. As the echoes of our challenge still reverberated through the passageways, we, with divine fervor, strode purposefully into the catacombs.

    Thus, with the divine and holy light of Great and Mighty Ryka, started our holy quest to rid the earth of the vile and evil, spawn of demon ilk that infested the catacombs. Down through the entry passages we drove, soon set upon by demon after demon, each we slew, sending them back into the depths from whence they came! On and on we fought, down passageways and tunnels, through rooms where the ilk defiled our blessed earth, deeper and deeper we battled our way, slowly but surely with the divine might of Ryka filling us, we drove towards the epicenter of vile deeds. As we neared the final depths of the unholy place, we stopped and, filled with the holy and divine light of our Lord and God Ryka, we refreshed ourselves in preparation for the final onslaught.

    Renewed by the divine light of the great and mighty Ryka, and with increased fervor, we threw ourselves back into the foray cutting down the last demons that attempted to stand between us and the heart of the complex in which we knew lie the ultimate evil of the catacombs. As Sir Rico and myself entered the final chamber, we were confronted with the strongest opposition we had yet to encounter, and proceeded to do our final battle with the forces of evil. Being heavily outnumbered, Sir Rico and myself, fought with all the might granted to us by Holy and Wonderful Ryka. Shortly after combat, with the demon spawn, had been initiated an unholy cacophony was, by the grace of holy Ryka, brought to our ears. Wondering whence the source of this unholy noise came, I chanced to see in the gloom at the rear of the chamber, a figure in the throes of summoning some unknown horror. A sudden dread came upon me, and says I to Sir Rico, ‘Do thee hear this unholy sound? A sorcerer of unknown origin is in the throes of casting some dire spell! I fear that we will not finish these vile creatures in time!’, looking to the indicated sorcerer, Sir Rico throws himself out in front of myself, and in doing so managed to, thinking Sir Rico had been made easy prey, draw all of the unholy creatures to himself.

    Seizing the opportunity before me, I threw myself across the room calling out to the sorcerer ‘Prepare to be cast into, hell unholy and vile sorcerer! In the name of Ryka I slay thee!’, and as the sorcerer turned and prepared himself to defend against my most holy of attacks, my blade met his defenses, and they were overcome. Having struck down the sorcerer, that I had observed to be a man who had turned away from the grace of our Lord and God, Ryka, and falling into dark and unholy ways, I turned my attentions back to Sir Rico and the demons with which he had been engaged, taking note that Sir Rico was down and beset upon by an overwhelming number of demons, I threw myself at them calling upon the holy light of our Lord and God, Ryka, to give me strength with which to drive those vile creatures back into the depths of hell from whence they had come.

    Being filled with the pure and holy light of our Lord and God, Ryka, and having been overtaken with a righteous anger, said to the demons before me ‘The power of Ryka compels you, be gone from this place, and return from whence you came! THE POWER OF RYKA COMPELLS YOU!’ and came upon them, felling one demon after another until all had been cast back to the depths of damnation! Once the last of the demon spawn had been struck down, I knelt by Sir Rico’s side, upon examination I knew that Sir Rico had yet to leave the mortal coil, I called upon the Holy Ryka, I prayed for divine healing for Sir Rico, a true and righteous servant of our Lord and God, Ryka. Being filled with His divine grace, I felt the healing power of the great any mighty Ryka flow through me, restoring Sir Rico to good health. Once Sir Rico and myself, had rested to renew ourselves, we set about preparing the catacombs for the sanctification ritual.

    Upon completion of the ceremony in the name our Lord and God, Ryka, we returned to our camp to prepare ourselves for the victorious journey back to the Citadel.”

Silence fell upon the hall as the Council reflected upon the account that was given to them by Joseph, and after a time Head of Council, Judge Paen, turned her gaze to Sir Rico, and said “In the name of our Lord and God, Ryka, do you attest that these are the events that transpired at the Catacombs of Demonsgift?”, and as was tradition Sir Rico called out “Yes by all that is just and right and in the name of our Lord and God, Ryka, this is the true and right accounting of our most holy of quests.” Head of Council, Judge Paen addressing all present “It is then by divine right, I Head of the Judges Council, Judge Paen, do bequeath the title of Judge upon Sir Dredd and Sir Rico, and bid them welcome into the holy sect of Paladin Judges! Ye are henceforth charged with the sacred duty of upholding the Laws of Ryka and Rykeria, and from this day forward will be granted all powers and rights as such is becoming of their office! In the name of our Lord and God, Ryka, it is SO!”

Once the Council ceremonies were concluded, Joseph was taken by Judge Paen into the inner sanctum of the citadel, where Joseph was blessed and presented with his armor and weapons. After the presentation of the weapons and armor, Judge Paen blessed Joseph saying “Go forth and from this place and uphold the laws and teachings of our Lord and God, Ryka.”

Joseph proudly wears his Full Plate of Silent Defiance, and wields paired blades, Galileo, and Copernicus, in the name of our Lord and God Ryka. He fights with the utmost skill with his blessed blades, honing his skills in all aspects to bring glory to Ryka. Joseph currently serves as Judge in the southern regions of Rykeria.