"I will make what is wrong, right for Uerth"
User: Michael
Race: Half-Skulk
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/Avenger/14
Davlam is about 5"11 so average height for a human. His clothing is all darker colors to blend in better into the shadows. He always keeps his cowl pulled low to hide most of his face and also wears goggles to hide his eyes which would give him away as non human. For armor he has a breastplate that is dark blue hued and looks cold. Nothing about his dress particularly stands out on him except the two twin rapiers he carries. He wears them in an odd configuration. He wears to the left on his waist and one over his right shoulder, to make it easier to draw them both at the same time.
Davlam is from Uerth, an alternate opposite of Oerth. Many people in one have an opposite in the other world. Maldav in Oerth is Davlams opposite. Where Davlam is a lone Avenger, Maldav is an assasin in the notorious thieves guild. Maldav was part of a party that descended to the lowest depths of Castle Greyhawk and into a secret chamber once occupied by Zagig. Maldav was the lone survivor of this expedition. He made his way to a chamber with an orb in it and upon touching it traded places with Davlam. When I arrived on the ground near me was a backpack that contained the Iibrim which I would study later and acquire the abilities that I now have from it. Upon picking up the backpack I exit the chamber and encountered an angry wizard who was waiting for me. The wizard figures out that I am not the same person whom he chased to that chamber and shows me mercy and lets me leave what was the secret chamber that he guards, telling me to come back with Zagig's key and he will help me return to my Uerth. My world is ruled by evil so I cannot stay here any longer than I have to. I must return home to right the wrongs there where I can. Grandfather left me to find my own way out of the dungeon and I soon ran into what here are evil drow. While I was able to kill many of them I was captured by them in the end and unable to escape. They had planned to make me a slave when there was a raid on the by many orcs, giants and various other beasts. Eryn was leading this raid and upon killing my guards she entered the tent I was held in and saw me tied up on the ground. After some questioning by her I told her about how how I got here and about encountering Grandfather she was able to get me out of the dungeon. She warned me not to return to the dungeon for my own safety, and kept my release secret from her superiors. I also would recognize her from one of the murals in the room that I first appeared in. Upon leaving the dungeon I would begin exploring the pack and that is when I began studying the Iibrim in it. A couple of months after the Shadow Sun appeared I was magically contacted by Eryn who had gotten work with the city of greyhawk. Eryn and I had had several communications over the previous 5 years but had never met in person. Generally she was just curious about about what I was doing and about the city of greyhawk. Since leaving the dungeon I have been working with the City of greyhawk as a grey guard to protect the city from evil forces and showing them no mercy.