"Pray that I do not have to eat you."
User: Del
Campaign: Kingmaker
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Inquisitor/Sin-Eater!/2nd Level
V began his life's crusade early, devoting himself to purifying the tainted souls by consuming their sins.

He was brought up by a Human Mother who did what she had to to keep her son alive. Having been raped by a vile, loathsome orc, mixing his blood with hers, she bore a half-breed and the life she once knew and the one she dreamed of, was lost. She prayed to her gods, but her prayers went unanswered. She soon lost faith in the "false and lofty gods" that seemed to forget her. She learned to love her half-orc son and taught him to be pragmatic yet devout to the more "Truthful and Just" gods, and to act upon his principles.

V-Lek devoured the sins of his first "convert" one night when his Mother was again attacked and nearly beaten to death.

As he stood before the body of the man he had just slain, he felt a dark and cold wave of energy encircling him.... He could feel it trying to attack him from within and around him.... He allowed it into himself, breathing it in, then he overcame it with sheer will and his deep faith and transformed it.

Like cow dung on a field transformed into fertilizer.

He consumed the sin, taking it into himself, capturing the darkness of the twisted soul and found himself revitalized and healed.

He had found the favor of the gods and his life's Crusade.