User: Kia Wee
Campaign: A Death Later...
Race: Drow
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Laser Turret and General Artillery/7
Wrei stand 5'5'', unremarkable among the drow. Her heritage tends to draw attention but she usually ignores it. In line with the Horizon Syndicate's aims of normalizing race relations, she never wears a hood unless weather conditions require it. The skin on her left forearm is scarred from an acid accident in the Academy, although determining that last detail would require close examination of the area which she has never allowed. Her hair is usually worn in a short ponytail and is as white as the day she walked onto the surface.

In social settings, she is careful to avoid offense. Some remments of drow behavior remain among her habits, those of expediency in particular.

Wrei is adept at using words to her advantage, but can be very easily caught unaware by others doing the same.

Her responses to hostility vary. Lethal danger always draws an immediate lethal retaliation. Nonlethal hostility, such as a tavern brawl, elicit an immediate defensive response as she assesses the situation. Social hostility is common due to her race and she initially seeks to defuse the issue, but once her patience wears thin, gives as good as she gets. Turnabout is always fair play.

Wrei has a casual attitude towards magic and her powers. She avoids drawing attention, but has no qualms about using magic to simplify routine tasks otherwise.

She rarely agrees to any contract stretching more than half a year, unless her benefits include a substantial premium. Neither will she agree to any contract with extensive restrictions on her activities, excepting silence.

Wrei has never spoken of Orphea and House Kiyamvir to any soul on the surface and strongly prefers to keep it that way.
Orphea was a junior priestess of Lolth in House Kiyamvir, although not an exceedingly enthusiatic one. As is common among drow houses, House Kiyamvir was massacred by a drow force, presumably from another house. Normally such massacres were well planned, with the location of each female noble pinpointed before the raid so as to prevent even the off-chance of survival for any of them.

Somebody screwed up and the raid occurred while Orphea was not in the compound. Her exit through the servant's entrance might have accounted for the mistake, but she was faced with two choices: Stand witness or flee the city. She chose the latter, given that House Kiyamvir wasn't particularly favored and the chances of her getting bartered under the table to whichever house had masterminded the raid was probable.

Life for a drow alone in the Underdark is typically short and Orphea had no desire to survive a raid only to die in some cavern in the great subterranean expanse. Making her way to the surface, Orphea shed her previous life, took on the name of Wrei, and walked away from her already weak faith in Lolth.

She drifted a while in Baldur's Gate, arguably the most diverse melting pot in all of Faerun. Eventually, she found the Horizon Syndicate (or vice-versa).

Being a junior member, she was sponsored to the White Lotus Academy with an unknown number of others to determine if their purported stance of total political neutrality was true. Between the various paths to arcane power taught in the Academy, she found her drow heritage best suited to innate sorcery.

Perhaps it was the quality of information she sent back, but Wrei never got promoted beyond being a junior member in Horizon even after graduating. Not that she cared very much at all, a loose affiliation with Horizon was perfectly fine with her as she wandered about Faerun.
Carries a book of Enchant Magic Item, Transfer Enchantment, and 130g. Not visible in iplay4e, but downloading the character sheet should reveal it.