User: Samuel
Campaign: A Death Later...
Race: Deva
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class: Being better than you
Kallah tightened her jaw as she tried to recall her most recent past life and remembered… nothing.

Although Devas remembered their past lives as vague memories of times long gone by, she couldn’t remember anything at all about her past life. As far as she was aware, there existed a gap of nearly a century past during which no memories existed. It was all very frustrating, especially to the headstrong Deva.

She had awoken to her rebirth - as Devas do - some ten years ago, within a forest clearing – with absolutely no memory of her past life, and try as she might – as she had often done – she could not recall anything of it.

Her desire to rediscover her previous life brought her to a temple of Oghma – the Binder of What is Known, whereupon she dwelled at the House of Knowledge for some time, learning the ways of the deity of Knowledge, whilst trying to discover clues to her past life.

However the lorekeepers (Priests of Oghma) were unable to help her in this, claiming that Oghma decides what knowledge is to be passed down, and what is to be forgotten. And then, there is knowledge that is not meant to be revealed – yet. In truth the priests asked her as many questions as she had asked them, for a Deva was almost a thing of myth to them and they sought to know as much about her too.

In time, the Grand Patriarch of Oghma’s Chosen had asked Kallah to consider serving Oghma as a priestess, for her inherent past memories gave her much advantage when it came to recalling things that had occurred in the distant past, an ability that even the senior priests of Oghma were somewhat envious of.

However, Kallah had stubbornly refused. It seemed beneath the Deva to serve Oghma as a servant the way a mere mortal would. And in the recesses of her memories, she remembered championing another power… And then Oghma had come to her.

The experience had been humbling, in as much as the Deva had ever remembered - inclusive of all her past lives. Oghma had chosen to reveal an aspect of his being to her, a fraction of the knowledge that the god contained. Raw knowledge had almost consumed her being. The Binder had made a bargain with her – her Covenant to him, and in exchange his divine power to rest within her body as long as she was his representative, to help her rediscover her past.