Dack Westlin

"It used to be for money. Now it's for revenge."
User: David
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Level: 1
When you're born with horns and a tail, it tends to make people look at you funny. So what if some great-great-great ancestor decided to sell their soul for who knows what? At least, that's my take on it. Too bad nobody else thinks that way. So I blame society for my choice of profession. Not like I had a chance, right?

Well, I should correct myself. One girl did. That's right. A dame. A skirt. Talk about ironies, she was literally the dancer who was putting herself through alchemy school. Then, she got in with a bad crowd - me - and died for her troubles. I have one lead, maybe half a soul, and now one purpose in life. Be seeing you...