"This is my city, and it will be a safe place. Its people will walk through its streets freely and its heart will never stop beating even if I have to give it mine."
User: Andrew
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Urban Ranger / Dusk Blade/6 / 2
Aric has a tough skin that comes from a lifetime of living on the streets. Preferring to spend his times on the rooftops and towers of Ceranna watching the civilians in the street admiring them as they go about their business. the city was his bedroom the streets his cradle. Aric enjoys roaming the city streets more than he does sitting with his friends. A cheerful face greets his friends but his green eyes reflect an anger and depression that sends a man out night after night determined to protect the city that raised him.
When Aric was born his parent's history a infants dying under mysterious circumstances lead a house servant to steal Aric that night and rush him to Ceranna. where she got at far as the Temple of Chauntea before dying. Found by Brother Egil Aric was given the name Simon until when he turned 9 he left the walls of the temple to live on the street. When Aric got a job working for the City watch it was a dream come true. Convinced his life couldn't get any better Aric was proven wrong when the Lady Talia agreed to marry him. Now the heir to the throne of Ceranna Aric now lives in the King's manor house and everyday is a struggle for Aric to remember that he is no longer a soldier he's something more now.