"I know the movements of the stars. I understand the phases of the moon. You, however, leave me completely confused. I don't like being confused. "
User: Mike
Campaign: Lord of the Lost
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorcerer/10
It is fortunate that I am beautiful. It is a useful disguise. Men who stare at my curves fail to see the fire in my eyes and the purpose in my actions. Okay, I admit I enjoy the fine clothes and ornaments I wear. Feel free to give me more. Maybe I'll favor you with a dance or . . .
I grew up in the wastes, the eldest of two sisters. The wise men of my clan claim my birth was an omen, a warning of changes to come. They may be right. I see things in the stars. I know I am to play some role so I can no longer wander the desert. I feel the pull of the moon, the stars. I must find my purpose. The stars will lead me.
I am born of a cursed race but I will redeem myself. My actions will not add to the destruction and suffering that fill our world. I know that my gift, my magic, is the key.