"Fear is a disease"
User: Animus
Campaign: A Death Later...
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: War Captain-to-be/6
Level 5
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Inspiring Warlord
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 270lb
Region: Tymanther
Languages: Common, Draconic

Str: 17 +2(Racial Bonus) (+4)
Con: 14 (+2)
Dex: 8 (-1)
Int: 14 (+2)
Wis: 10 (+0)
Cha: 14 + 2(Racial Bonus) (+3)

Trained: Endurance +2(Power Bonus), Heal, History +2(Racial Bonus), Intimidate +2(Racial Bonus)
Untrained: +2 Athletics(Regional Bonus)

HP: 46
Bloodied: 23 (Dragonborn Fury: +1 to attack rolls when bloodied)
Surges/Surge Value: 9/13(Dragonborn Heritage)
Initiative: +3
Attack Roll(Melee, Weapon): +9

AC: 20
Fortitude: 19
Reflex: 16
Will: 18

Improved Inspiring Word
Scale Armor Proficiency
Lend Might

At-Will Powers: Commander's Strike, Wolf Pack Tactic
Encounter Powers: Dragon Breath, Inspiring Word*, Hammer & Anvil, Shake It Off, Warlord Strike
Daily Powers: Bastion of Defense, Stand the Fallen
Nibharesh the Least Favoured

Born into the family Arlesja, of the clan Kneelbringer, together with his twin brother, they bore the heavy expectations that were imposed on other members of Arlesja.

For generations, his family has been closely involved with the Lance Defenders, with several generations of their members serving the higher positions within military. In fact, his father is currently the captain of the prestigious Lance Scout. To uphold such family's expectations, what they have underwent is beyond merely strict and harsh discipline as seen in other dragonborn household.

Of the two, Nibharesh is the least favoured son. It is inevitable, given that Niburinn is the more competant of the pair be it in military excellence or garnering support from peers and clansmen. As much as Nibharesh has tried his very best to prove himself capable (through which he successfully earned a place in the Lance Scout), he knew from the bottom of his heart that he will never outshine his younger brother.

This loudly displayed favouritism soon became hatred when the unfortunate happened. In an expedition which included the pair, the group was ambushed while passing by the Black Ash Plain. Niburinn failed to make it back home alive.

His father's sentiments could not had been clearer: He rather have Nibharesh died in his brother's stead. Devastated, he had conveniently blamed Nibharesh for his failure to protect his younger brother.

Nibharesh is equally guilt-ridden by Niburinn's death. Thankfully, he was offered the opportunity to be posted to Highmoon as one of the agents to convey informations of the region back to Tymanther. At least, this gave him a break from the very reminders that will only stir his painful guilt further.