"The quickest way to a man's heart ... is through his chest."
User: Samuel
Campaign: A Death Later...
Race: Drow
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class: Blood Donor (self or others)
Weighing only 130 pounds, this lithe Drow female comes up to only five feet four inches in height. However her small frame is well-toned and she moves with uncanny grace and balance.

Dark red eyes flit with amusement from within her black-skinned face which is framed by her white hair usually swept back in order to keep out of her vision.

Full lips curve upwards naturally in a twisted arc, giving her a half-smile that seems partially like a sneer as though she finds something contemptuously amusing.
Brought up by her father, who was the House Weaponmaster, in her earliest teens she was taught basic usage of weapons, especially double weapons.

As she grew older, though she protested, she was to be enrolled as a priestess in Arach-Tinilith, as all females nobles had to be priestesses. However, her entire house fell in an attack by a rival house before she could be enrolled as a cleric, and she escaped.

Being too young to have any contacts, she fled from the city by smuggling herself into a trade caravan to the surface, where she survived using her wits and skills. Initially, she lived a hard life because things were not easy to come by and her drow heritage tended to work against her. But she quickly learned to adapt, and hide her identity by working in the shadows and in quiet. She also learned the value of currency and leverage.

After establishing her own network of contacts, she gained a reputation as an enforcer/hitman (her contacts never knew her identity, hence never knew if they were dealing with a male or female), whose victims never saw their demise until it was too late. She was fast and efficient, and most of the time, she was deadly.