User: Clint
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric of Pharasma/Sacred Exorcist/8/3
A tall human who appears to be in his 30s. He has white hair and pale skin, which is where he gets his name, and his eyes are a vivid cobalt blue and always seem to be searching for something unseen.
Pale hails from a small village far from Ceranna where tragic events were set into motion to lead him to the path he walks in the present.

He once worked as a simple caretaker for a defunct noble house's cemetery, but fate lead him to be a crusader for the will of Pharasma.
Pale is a servant of the death goddess, Pharasma. He was originally a practitioner of white necromancy, but through the hardship of the "Ritual of Fates" his powers were changed, and he now serves Pharasma directly as one of her clerics.

The things he witnessed in his trials have changed the normally reserved Pale into a radically different person, who might seem a bit mad to others. He has become more open with those close to him due to the hardships they have endured together, but to outsiders he appears dispassionate up until the point where he angers.

Ironically, as one who does not fear death, he has twice been saved from it. First by Keros, the child he rescued from a follower of Urgathoa, and second by Felina through the power of a divine relic. Incidentally, they are the people to which he has grown closest and will do anything to defend.

The recent events surrounding the Raven Queen and the relics involved in her downfall have altered his senses. He is now able to sense the emotions of those near him, but he still struggles to deal with the overwhelming nature of them. This has begun to manifest in otherwise uncharacteristic behavior on his part.