Felina Silverleaf

"Freedom, pleasure, music... this is the spice of life!"
User: Amanda
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Bard/8
Beautiful blond 5'7" elf. Straight hair that's usually worn up. She favors form fitting clothing, short skirts, and plunging necklines. Very cheerful and outgoing, she loves to play her lute and sing in groups and in solo performances. She's often found down at the Blue Beer'd performing or just having a good time. She's known to often leave with a gentleman on her arm at the end of the night.
Felina has been in Ceranna for about the past 15 years. She's spent her time building her reputation as a musician and working for the Blue Star Watchers. Few people know about her life before she moved here.

Her friends recently discovered that she was actually Melianae Throssimari, wife of Count Erefor Throssimari of Scharnhoff. She had run away from him after 10 years of marriage due to abuse at his hands and had taken up with a troupe of players called the Whirling Winds who had smuggled her out of Scharnhoff. Ceranna had been the last stop on the troupe's route before their return to Scharnhoff, so there Felina stayed, and there she's been ever since.
Felina was recently granted a divorce from her husband, and her legal name was officially changed to Felina Silverleaf. She was reunited with her family after 15 years of them believing that she was dead.

More recently, in addition to her usual playing and singing, Felina has taken up with a Zaldanan band at the Blue Beer'd. Once a week she dons the alluring Zaldanan silks and dances for the band.