"Hah! You think you're tough?"
User: Jon
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/8
Thoros is a large, muscular, battle-scarred man, standing 6'4" and weighing over 250 lbs. He keeps his scalp and face shaved, using the finely honed blade of a kukri he took from a killed enemy scout. His eyes are dark and intense, and he often squints--a habit developed from wearing visored helmets. Thoros wears the spiked steel armor of the Manticores, though the sergeant's chevrons have been scratched out. He wields the adamantine greatsword "Dark Razor," a black blade with a rippled effect and a plain but sturdy hilt and pommel. He also carries a club--actually a table leg with a crude leather grip from his bouncer days, and a composite longbow for "runners." Since his encounter with the obsidian sword-wielding lizardman, Thoros' eyes have taken on a shimmering blue haze that looks most unnatural.
Born in the mining community of Silverton, Thoros was accustomed to demanding physical labor at an early age. He hired himself out to a caravan as a guard at 17, making his way to Archbridge where he hoped to join the Imperial Army. The Imperial Army is where he wanted to be, in the thick of the battle, in the front lines. Upon his arrival at Archbridge, Thoros soon discovered that family lineage and wealth were perhaps more important than national loyalty and skill-at-arms if he wanted to be a soldier in the Imperial Army. Life was hard for a few months, with Thoros working as a club-wielding bouncer at a dismal dive bar. His imposing frame and quick reflexes gave him little trouble with the local rowdies, but the job was unfulfilling--he thought about going back to Silverton and working in the mines.

Finally, Thoros got his chance at the Imperial Army, after beating up an angry drunk at the bar who had gotten too fresh with a waitress. That drunk happened to be a young Imperial Army lieutenant named Fistan Kirth, who promptly complained to his superior officers about his mistreatment at Thoros' meaty hands. Fortunately for Thoros, Fistan's father, Davos, a much-decorated colonel and wielder of the family's ancestral blade, Dark Razor, stepped in and offered Thoros enlistment as "punishment," having seen a glimmer of potential in the young man.

Thoros served in Davos' unit as an infantryman for a year, with valor, before Davos recommended that he be sent to the Manticores for advanced training. Thoros flourished, learning weapons and tactics with ease. He soon became a proud soldier with the imperial army’s elite unit of shock troopers. Although not a separate elite military or army entity such as the Sable March, the Manticores are, nonetheless, the tip of the Imperial Army’s spear.

Davos Kirth continued to have an interest in Thoros' career, wishing his own son was as brave and skilled. After several campaigns, including many against the goblinoids of the Blackore Hills Thoros had earned the rank of Sergeant, and began training and leading new Manticores himself. When Thoros was 30, Davos Kirth died, peacefully, in his sleep. To the surprise of all, especially Thoros, Davos entrusted the care of Dark Razor to the grizzled sergeant, rather than his own son. The will was uncontestable in Imperial courts by a very angry and politically embarrassed Fistan.

Shortly thereafter, Fistan, who had bought his way to captain, became the Manticores' commanding officer. The Manticores, especially Thoros, were sent into battle against increasingly insane odds, suffering heavy losses though never defeated. This included a final, terribly fated journey against an uprising of orcs and their kin raiding up from the Warder Wood far to the south in Crieste. Due to political infighting and posturing, several strategic errors where made. Although the orc army was eventually destroyed, the toll on the Imperial Army and especially the Manticores was harsh--losses were great and some even say irreparable for years to come.

Within his unit, the men whispered around the campfires that Fistan wanted Thoros to be killed in battle so he could reclaim his father's sword. After the final battle of Warder Wood and the long painful trek north to Archbridge, Thoros finally had had enough. Having served with the Manticores for 10 years, he took his veteran's bonus (paltry given the state of the Empire's treasury) and left after taking the official oath of resignation. Thoros took Dark Razor and his spiked armor with him as was his right. He could only be recalled to active duty by direct decree from the Generals of the Imperial Army, the Sable March, or the Emperor himself. Such is the tradition for the Manticores and the law of Crieste.

Since then Thoros has made his way across the Northlands as a mercenary. Mostly guarding caravans, slaying monsters, and defeating bandits between Tarrasine and Archbridge. His misses the company of his soldiers, even if adventuring pays better. And the thrill of combat isn't the same without capable men and women at his side. Thoros is thinking about settling down, though he hears that Fistan has sent mercenaries of his own after him to retrieve the sword. It'd probably be best for everyone if he kept moving.
NG Medium Human Fighter 8
Init +2; Senses Listen +2, Spot +2
Languages: Common
AC 20, 19 flat-footed, 11 touch (+1 Dex, +8 full plate)
hp 89 (7 HD; 1st: 10; 2nd: 5; 3rd: 6; 4th: 9; 5th: 7; 6 from crazy obsidian sword guy; 6th: 6, 7th: 10, 8th: 6)
Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +4
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares)
Melee +13/+8 anarchic obsidian greatsword +1 (2d6+7/19-20/x2) or +13/+8 adamantine greatsword (2d6+6/19-20/x2) or +12/+7 masterwork armor spikes (1d6+3/x2) or +11/+6 kukri (1d4+3/18-20/x2) or +11/+6 club (1d6+3/x2)
Ranged +10/+5 mighty (+4 Str) composite longbow +2 (1d8+5/x3) or +10 club (1d6+3/x2)
Base Atk +7; Grp +10
Atk Options Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Sunder, Improved Bull Rush, Shock Trooper (Directed Bull Rush, Domino Rush, Heedless Charge), Close-Quarters Fighting
Combat Gear oil of magic weapon, potion of cure light wounds (x2)
Abilities Str 17, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
Feats Weapon Focus (greatsword), Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Sunder, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Specialization (greatsword), Improved Bull Rush, Shock Trooper, Close-Quarters Fighting
Skills Climb +8 (10 ranks), Intimidate +9 (10 ranks), Jump +2 (10 ranks)
Possessions combat gear, anarchic obsidian greatsword +1, adamantine greatsword, masterwork full plate with masterwork armor spikes, amulet of natural armor +1, kukri, club, composite longbow +2 (+4 Str), arrows (20), belt pouch, backpack, bedroll, silk rope (50 ft.), grappling hook, flask of whisky, whetstone, chain shirt, silver rose brooch, 0pp, 4gp, 8sp, 8cp; 131.5 lbs.