"Anthropology is a glue."
User: Zilter
Campaign: The School of Pwn
Race: Stone Giant
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Stone Giant/2
A young stone giant, Baabar mostly consists of gray stone. He is steadily growing larger, heavier, stronger and more enduring. He never keeps his flail and shield far away, but can have his notebook and quill out in a matter of seconds, ready to note anything of interest.
Baabar wandered from the mountains when he was very young, seeking to collect more information of the lesser races, spesifically concerning their martial progression, motivation and collaberation. His travels brought him rumours of a school, an academy that was training adventurers, the very kind of people he was sent to learn more about. He went there, and was welcomed, as are all. The principals sent him along with a group of students who were heading out on their first real adventure.