Ignis Fatalis

User: Enoch
Campaign: Jabberwocky
Race: Changeling
Gender: None
Class/Level: Remnants of a Mountain-Spirit/Hellbent
Where did you come from? As a Volcano of Wonderland, he(?) led a relatively peaceful life. Interacting with what spirits and beings came through his domain, Ignis otherwise passively observed nearby events. Though, obviously, he sometimes exploded into a lava-rain of death and destruction. This nearly always happened when something important was going on – large-scale battles being waged, adventuring types on some stupid quest, etc. – which gave him the name Ignis Fatalis: Fated Fire.

Aspect: Sudden Eruption

What Shaped You: An large, independent group of Pure Mortals, ignorant in the ways of Magic, laid claim to Ignis Fatalis’ domain. This large-scale influx of “normals” wreaked havoc with his mystical connections to the Volcano. Upon the founding of a completely man-made village, his connection was severed, and he was destroyed. A small part of him stayed behind, however, and took physical shape. With half-memories and an awkward body made of rock and lava, this new Ignis set out to reclaim his domain in hopes of returning to what he once was.

Aspect: Strange Physiology/Physique
Skill List
Superb: +5: Endurance, Might
Great: +4: Conviction, Survival
Good: +3: Investigation, Mysteries
Fair: +2: Alertness, Intimidation
Average: +1: Athletics, Fists

Tough Stuff: The stuff of blunt trauma—fists, sticks, and stones—pose little trouble for you.
Against such things, you have a natural Armor:1 (which stacks with other forms of protection).

Inhuman Toughness & Recovery (-1)[Catch: Piercing Weapons]
Inhuman Strength (-2)

Stress Tracks
Physical [Endurance]: 4 [+2: Catch: Piercing Weapons]
Social [Presence]: 2
Mental [Conviction]: 4
Armor: 1: Catch: Piercing Weapons [+1 against blunt force trauma]

Mild ----- Any ---- -2 ----
Moderate-Any ---- -4 ----
Severe -- Any ---- -6 ----
Extreme - Any ---- -8 ----
Mild ------ P ------ -2 -----

FATE Refresh
Initial: 8
Spent: 4
Total: 4