User: Randy
Race: Thri-Kreen
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/3
T'Chai stands a little over 6 feet tall, and his musculature and speed of movement show someone used to a life of daily combat. He is always keeping his senses open to the world, which he clearly views with no small amount of distrust but an equal amount of wonder.
T'Chai's clutch was the subject of a raid when he was very young. They were all wiped out by the cruel slavers, who took only the children to the gladiator pits. T'Chai, only three years old at this point, was pitted against the other children in bloody combat. The slaver wanted only one exotic Thri-Kreen in his games, and he wanted the best one.

T'Chai's strength and agility served him well, and he found himself the lone survivor. He had become somewhat numb to the pain of others, little more than an animal doing what he had to do to survive.

In the arena, he met Cretev, a human monk who also fought in the arena. Cretev, a monk, took the feral T'Chai under his wing and honed him as a smith would a blade, teaching him discipline and turning his raw strength and fortitude into focused weapons and armor that the boy could use to defend himself.

Alongside his mentor, T'Chai became a formidable favorite in the ring. The two of them took on all comers, and were rising in popularity. Unfortunately, they also caught the eye of some powerful people who watched from the stadium seats and wondered if such popular gladiators might pose a danger to their own power. These people pulled strings, and the next week, T'Chai found himself facing Cretev in the arena.

They would have refused to fight, but the archers along the walls made it clear that either one of them was walking out or neither of them were. Cretev, endeavoring to teach his pupil one final lesson, decided that he would make the sacrifice, and launched a series of attacks designed to trigger T'Chai's natural martial training. Before he even really knew what happened, T'Chai had killed his mentor, and become an even more popular gladiator.

The inner peace his mentor had taught him kept him from suicidal rage, but an inner fire was born that day. T'Chai is not a thinker, he does not know the ways of the civilized world, but he will find allies, he will find out who forced him to murder the only other life he valued since the destruction of his clutch, and he will make them and everyone they love pay the price for what they did.