User: Anua
Campaign: Jabberwocky
Race: Emissary of Power
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Shoemaker's Daughter/You look trustworthy/Ohhh...what's that?!
Where are you coming from?
Aspect: Aspiring Scientist

Willow grew up in Essex, the only daughter of Arthur Shewman. Her mother died when giving birth to her and her father never remarried, so she never really had any maternal figure. As such she doesn't quite hold to what a traditional young lady of her age and social status would naturally fall into.

More than anything she wants to go to school so she can learn science. For a while she made friends with Eston, who was the son of a pharmacist- he taught her a little of what he knew of science from apprenticing with his father- she was enthralled and heartbroken when Eston and his father moved away. Her father is looking to secure Willow a place in a high lady’s home, hopefully as a governess. He hopes a young aristocrat will be taken with his daughter and offer to marry her- high hopes indeed, especially because Willow couldn’t be less interested in this plan if she tried.

What has shaped you?
Aspect: A tonic, a salve and a potion- oh my!

Recently a (self-proclaimed) alchemist appeared on the streets of Essex selling potions, tonics, tables and creams to cure various ails. Willow took a small portion of a sum owed to her father by Marcus Winchester and purchased a tonic that supposedly regrew hair, a salve that healed all wounds within a days use and a potion that supposedly made the drinker unnaturally strong. She hasn't yet had the opportunity to test any of these items.
Good (5): Conviction, Empathy, Investigation, Stealth, Science
Fair (5): Athletics, Endurance, Performance, Presence, Rapport
Average (5): Alertness, Discipline, Drive, Resources, Survival