"He seems trustworthy to me!"
User: Mel
Campaign: The Celadians
Race: Catfolk
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Sorceror/12
Typical of her race, Nera is covered in soft, creamy yellow fur, with bright yellow eyes and darker orange markings leading into her hair line.
The skies were clear and bright the lucky day that Nera was born, and the next harvest was an unusually good one. With such fortuitous omens, her life was never going to be ordinary. She was brought up to a rather nomadic lifestyle, her parents never settled anywhere very long.

The first sign that Nera was different was when other children started to have accidents not long after annoying or bullying her. Then, a black cat started to follow her and would not go away. To her surprise, she found that she could make the animal do what she willed it to do when she concentrated on it.

She had a much older brother, named Mrran that had the gift and he gave her lots of help, so the year of manifestion were much easier for her than they might otherwise have been. To begin with, she hid her gifts. It had been so long since a sorcerer was born into the family that none of them knew about the possibility. Unfortunately, Mrran used his abilities to commit crimes and was eventually caught, tried and executed. Not long after his death, Nera left them, a world of exciting adventures beckoning.

She found a mentor in Petice Rubymace, a dwarf whose talents had faded, but wished to experience vicarious power through Nera's exploits. Nera still goes to Petice for advice and companionship.

As her powers increased, Nera found people began to heed her words. This troubled her, knowing that they reacted well to her because a persuasive demeanor is just part of a sorcerer's ag of tricks. She started to fear that she would never find true love or friendship, instead would only ever recieve the falst respect and affection generated by her powers. When she did meet another sorcerer, she attempted to befriend him, but he showed her a scar running downt he side of his neck and said he'd learned never to trust another sorcerer.

Drawn to the hustle and bustle, Nera had only been in Dandanagan for a couple of nights when she first met the Celadians. Finally, she had found a group of people she could trust. The offer of work and adventure was too great to pass up. Since that time, her new friends have proven themselves many times over. She finds it hard to trust anyone else, but her comrades-in-arms warrant her unquestioned loyalty.