User: Camilla
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Druid/Cleric multiclass
Rescued from certain death in infancy, Ainen was raised by a half-elven family in Queen's Wood.

Received sporadic druidic training in New Port once she came of age.

Veteran of the battle for Proudfort, where she ended up along with her mentor for unknown reasons, and where she witnessed the death of her mentor during the attack of the dragon.

Aimlessly roaming the Wild Wood's, Ainen was once again rescued from certain death, this time by a mysterious cat, that healed her poisoning and initiated her into the following of The Untamed.

Ainen and the cat set out to spread the word of the Untamed, eventually ending up in the heart of the Wild Wood's, at the High Druid's court.

Here Ainen befriended and converted a Halfling by the name Fearan Windsong to her cause, and they took it upon themselves to recruit more members within the court, only to learn that Fearan's own mentor was already on board.

As young, enthusiastic people tend to do, Ainen and Fearan fell in love, much to the dismay of Fearan's mother, Penantila Windsong, of the High Druid's council.

After a while of shenanigans and general disruptive activities, Ainen had finally spend the last of her good-will with Councilwoman Windsong and was placed on a mission from the High Druid, to aid a band of adventurers, venturing south to reclaim the Iron Heath.