Belegor Brekstone

"Don't worry, I've got this"
User: Jack
Campaign: Evernight
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/Seasoned
Appearance: Belegor is taller than the average half elf, and from a glance, you might think that he has orcish heritage rather than elven. Looking at him longer, though, you can see the elegance in his steps that an orc or a human never has, especially one of his size. He looks like a battle hardened warrior, with his huge muscles and the huge axe over his shoulder, still slightly bloody from his most recent fight. He wears leather armor over a tank top and shorts, with sweatpants over his shorts and a sweatshirt between the tank top and the armor when it gets too cold. He only has one pair of each, but he assures people that he washes them in a very clean river every night. In truth, he washes them in whatever water he can find, and very rarely. His eyes are a deep blue and his black hair comes down almost to his shoulders, cut so badly at the ends that you would guess that he cuts it with his axe. Which he does. He looks fairly young though, you would guess in his mid twenties.
Belegor doesn’t see a particular reason to share his life’s story, rather than a few tall tales. Only when he is very drunk would he tell all. Because of this, most people know him as he tells them, which is slightly exaggerated. He sees no wrong in telling these stories because he believes that his life is too boring and seeks to make these stories true one day.
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