Havak Dungar

""Nothin' stands in my way""
User: Palmer
Campaign: Strange Aeons
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/Fighter/Brawler/7
The Golka Clan had long had a strong relationship with the noble house, House Garess, from Brevoy. It was Havak’s great-grandfather, Balak Dungar, who had secured trading deals and a military alliance with the house. Balak Dungar was then appointed Grand Ambassador and Advisor Paramount to the then chief Dolur Golka. The relationships between House Garess and Golushkin as well as that between the Golkas and the Dungars thrived and continued. Every generation of Dungars was to server as Grand Ambassador and Advisor Paramount to the current chief of the Golka clan (Balak Dungar to Dolur Golka, Beltak Dungar to Madal Golka, and Garnak Dungar to Thonult Golka). Havak Dungar was the son of Garnak Dungar and the heir apparent to his position and titles and being raised to fulfill the roles his family had for generations. Havak was a different sort though and didn’t take to lessons of diplomacy, etiquette, and other noble ventures. This worried his father as well as Chief Thonult Golka, who at the time was raising a son of his own Toval to become the next chief of Golushkin. Around the age of 20 Havak, who was too headstrong and fiery for his own good, decided to venture by himself down to the deep tunnels below the mining tunnels. Armed only with an old suit of armor he spent 3 days in the tunnels. Meanwhile, his family especially his father sent out an alarm and put together search parties to find him. When they found him coming out of the tunnels they expected to see a scared and damaged child but instead found Havak to have enjoyed his time among the aberrations and monsters of the deep tunnels. It was clear that Havak had a bloodlust and a joy of danger about him. It was at this time that Havak began to worship Gorum in secret. Though it was not unheard of for Dwarves to worship the deity it was frowned upon by the more traditionalist Dungars who only worshipped Torag and his lawful tenets. That would not be Havaks last trip to the deep tunnels and as he saw his son get more out of control Garnak Dungar tried pulling the reins tighter on him. Havak became basically a prisoner in his own home as his father tried to ensure the continuation of the Dungar clans position and prominence.
Six years after the first deep tunnel incident House Garess called on the Golka clan to strengthen their bound and to engage in a foster exchange. Lord Howlan Garess was to send his son Bren as well as a child from a minor noble house, Pace Rescvelle to be fostered by the dwarves and Chief Thonult Golka was send his son Toval to be fostered by the humans. This was not the first time this had happened and was done to keep the alliance strong without the need of marrying into each other’s families. Thonult Golka was to raise Bren and the baby Pace was to be put with the family of the Grand Ambassador and Advisor Paramount Garnak Dungar. Thonult Golka did this partly because he trusted Garnak so much but also to fix his family situation. Maybe having responsibility would calm Havak down, at the very least the favor of fostering a child might be able to be used to quell disputes between House Garess and Havak when he took over his father’s positions. Thonult’s plan worked at least partly as Havak was yoked with the child once he was able to be taken from his wet nurse. Havak remained defiant with a wild streak about him but whenever he was around young Pace he was different. It was not a fatherly emotion that took hold of him but that of a protective big brother. Pace became a reason to focus his anger but not quell it. As the human grew he ran into issues with some of the commoners of Golushkin. These young common dwarves did not understand why a human should be taken into the dwarven fold and since they would not dare mess with the ward of the chief they decided to take out their frustrations on Pace. There were many times that Havak saw this and let his anger explode beating the dwarves with no mercy. As a son of the Grand Ambassador and Advisor Paramount there were little repercussions to his actions though Thonult Golka did in secret tell Garnak to “try again” meaning that he should try and have another child if he wanted the Dungars to remain in their positions and keep their titles. Despite Havak’s temperament and issues a strong relationship with Pace grew as Havak protected his “little brother” and Pace was able to keep the hotheaded dwarf somewhat in check and keep him from always running off to the deep tunnels. Pace began his studies and worship of Irori which lead to the decision that he would be leaving to study in Tian-Xia. As much of this was Pace’s idea Thonult and Garnak agreed. Pace had worked to settle somewhat Havak but they could not afford Havaks bad influence on the young noble.
At the age of 13 Pace set out to Tian-Xia and though he didn’t outwardly show it Havak was upset by the departure of his “little brother”. He became isolated again and spent most of his time in the deep tunnels. The next year would be his 40 and he would officially be an adult and expected to leave his wild life and start preforming his duties as a junior ambassador. Havak could not see himself as a diplomat or living a life with no adventure so he left Golushkin. Taking a set of half-plate with armor spikes out of the family armory Havak set off for a life of adventure heading torwards Tian-Xia to pick up his “little brother.”
Male dwarf unchained barbarian (armored hulk) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 28, Pathfinder Unchained 8)
CG Medium humanoid (dwarf)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +6 (+8 to notice disguised or hidden aberrations)
AC 18, touch 10, flat-footed 18 (+8 armor)
hp 18 (1d12+6)
Sanity 35, threshhold 2, edge 17
Fort +5, Ref +2 (+1 bonus vs. trample attacks), Will +2; +2 bonus vs. negative levels
Defensive Abilities deep warrior[APG]
Speed 20 ft.
Melee armor spikes +4 (1d6+3)
Special Attacks rage (6 rounds/day), hatred, relentless[APG]
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 9
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 15 (16 vs. overrun)
Feats Power Attack, Toughness
Traits rich parents, twitchy
Skills Acrobatics -2 (-6 to jump), Appraise +1 (+3 to assess nonmagical metals or gemstones), Climb +0, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (nobility) +2, Linguistics +2, Perception +6 (+8 to notice disguised or hidden aberrations), Swim +0; Racial Modifiers +2 Appraise to assess nonmagical metals or gemstones
Languages Aklo, Common, Dwarven, Undercommon
SQ indomitable stance, sense aberration, shadowhunter
Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds, potion of protection from evil; Other Gear armor spiked half-plate, crowbar, masterwork backpack[APG], mwk manacles, silk rope (50 ft.), tattoo[UE], 33 gp
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Deep Warrior +2 Gain a bonus to AC and grapple vs. Aberrations.
Greed +2 to Appraise to determine price of nonmagic goods with precious metals or gemstones.
Hatred +1 Gain a racial bonus to attacks vs. Goblinoids/Orcs.
Indomitable Stance (Ex) +1 to Reflex vs. trample & to hit, dam, and AC vs. charging foe.
Power Attack -1/+2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage (Unchained, 6 rounds/day) (Ex) As a free action, gain temp hp, bonus to melee att/dam, thrown dam, will saves, but AC penalty and limited actions. 1 min fatigue when ended.
Relentless +2 Gain CMB bonus to bull rush/overrun while both self and foe stand on ground.
Sense Aberration +2 to perception to notice disguised or hidden aberrations.
Shadowhunter Attacks affect incorp foes as though use magic weapon, 2x phys ab heal from undead, +2 to save vs. neg levels.