Jalleta Gitan

"The absence of evidence isn't always evidence of absence"
User: Felgoroth
Race: Human (Varisian)
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Alchemist/1
He was a strange man, no one had seen him before in the inn, yet he came down the stairs like he was a guest, or a friend of one of the guests. He was a gaunt man of about five feet in height with hair as black as the starless sky and his skin was tan and leathery covered with brightly colored tattoos; his eyes were a strange gray green and they glinted as he came to the counter. He wore black pants that seemed to show off his tiny legs and a purple and green buttoned shirt with a striped scarf over it that seemed to have bells attached to the end; on his feet were moccasins as black as his hair. The bells of the scarf rang about his knees for a few seconds after stopping at the counter and he brushed his hair out of his eyes.

No one was there to meet him, however, rather than ringing the bell he knocked on the counter. A Half-Orc in the lobby sat up, “Huh, I didn't know we had a Varisian here. The clerks out smokin’ or some shit, whatcha lookin’ fer?” The Half-Orc towered over the small man, he was stout as a tree and as tall as a small one; he wore a straw hat on his shaved head and starred down at the strange man at the counter.

“Could you tell me where Domitian Vors is?” the strange man asked his voice soft but deep.

“Well hot damn man! You know you can't just ask for Domitian” the Half-Orc laughed at his own response as if he’d made a joke.

“That’s not the answer I was looking for.”

“What? What kinda answer was ya lookin’ for then askin’ bout Domitian here?”

“Let me ask you another question, you guys like playing games with people before you sell them right?” the Half-Orc chuckled then nodded. “Heads or tails?” as the man said this he took a gold piece from his pocket and flipped it into the air. After catching it he flipped it over on the back of his other hand.

“What?” the Half-Orc said laughing.

“It’s really just a simple question, heads or tails?” the man repeated.

“Fine then, tails.”

The man slowly moved his hand and showed the Half-Orc the result, he’d guessed right. “Very well done you’ve won” he grinned and gave the Half-Orc the coin. In a flash, the man produced a dagger from his sleeve, he caught the Half-Orc in the arm pit causing the Half-Orc to fall to the ground. "Tell Domitian that the poison coursing through you is Black Lotus Extract, he'll know who did this." After walking out the door the man mixed a vial into a spherical object and threw it into the inn, the building caught fire seconds later and the Half-Orc was dragged out that night, he'd barely survived. The Varisian man was no where to be found.