Wadwaf Lockheart

"Some shadows have names"
User: Skedarman
Campaign: Road to Revolution
Race: Kortezian Human
Gender: Male
Wadwaf is a Kortezian male estimated to be in mid twenties.
He has styled himself in gray and black clothing to best match his interpretation of a Shadow Mage.

In his pocket he always carries a stone or small rock, a token to remind him of the first Shadow Mage he ever encountered. He has been known to use it as an emergency food source if reduced to begging again. The stones change, but the recipe does not.

Like most Kortezians Wadwaf has an air of seriousness about him, especially when concerning his efforts in magical studies or furthering his abilities.

"Do you remember the last thing he said before he left you?"
"He told me that no son of his is scared of his own shadow. That a true Kortezian is not a coward, not afraid of the dark. Then he just, he just abandoned me in this foreign city! I want to go home, I want to be back across the sea!"
"Well your here now, alone. And the sun is setting..."
"I can't do this. Help me."
"Look here, watch this flame, watch it's light. See the shadows? They don't want to harm you, look how they move. They dance. They want to dance with you. You can be their friend. Some shadows have names."
"Wait! Where are you going?"
"I've shown you how to fill your belly with a stone, I must return to my friends. They are shadows too. Should you ever master them, come visit me again at the Gray Consortium. We may even help you return to your father."
The boy watched the blackclad stranger leave and a thought entered his mind. "Surely, this must be a test."


Five years ago Wadwaf Lockheart was brought to the Great City and intentionally abandoned by his father. A stranger to the City, he was unaware of the current relations between it's citizens and customs. It was during one of his first nights alone when a passing Shadow Mage had spoken to Wadwaf. Whether meaning good intent or not, Wadwaf became convinced his situation was one of his fathers tests; to become a Shadow Mage, and became determined to pass it.

Presently, Wadwaf continues his efforts to gain acceptance into the Gray Consortium. It has been his sole focus for so long he's become almost blinded to other pursuits. Furthermore deep down he still greatly fears being labeled/proven a coward.

If he does successfully enter the Shadow Mages of the Gray Consortium, whether he chooses to return to his father to prove himself, or use the powers of shadow against him, are unknown even to Wadwaf himself. All that currently matters is gaining entry.