Gabriel Bishop

User: David
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Paladin/2
When one thinks of Gabriel, one is reminded of everything that could go wrong. A giant, hardy man, he has the look of an man who has lived most of his days outdoors. Brawny and tanned, Gabriel stands head and shoulders above the average person. He boldly proclaims what he's capable of doing to you, all while brandishing a wicked, yet enticing smile.

He is the definition of the "alpha." Unafraid to offend, he is known for barking orders and demanding quick responses. Insubordination is met with the threat of death, a promise that has been kept on many occassions.

One is never sure whether they want Gabriel near or close. On his good side, there are few mightier than he is. Yet if you cross him just once, be prepared for the struggle of a lifetime.
Gabriel comes from a military leadership background. He brandishes proper armor, that despite having seen better days, commands attention and respect. He has been living on the run with his younger brother for over 10 years now, and fears settling down in one place too long. It is clear he was not honorably discharge from his military service, but he tends to give flimsy cover stories as to what actually happened.
Physical traits:
-brown skin
-dark eyes
-long, curly dark hair