Obasi Kwandele

"A tribe without a Shaman is a tribe without a soul."
User: William
Campaign: Serpent's Skull
Race: Human (Mwangi)
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Shaman/15
Obasi typically dresses in green loose linen robes (counts as a Hot Weather Outfit (APG, p. 187)), wears a well-worn Adventurer's Sash on his hip, sandals, and several gold and silver bracelets on his wrists and ankles. He often carries an ironwood iwisa as a cane though few colonials suspect its use as a weapon.

Being an ethnic Caldaru, Obasi has light olive-brown skin, straight dark hair, and striking green eyes that have flakes of bright yellow color. His eyes are a byproduct of his Feyborn Racial Trait. The colorization of his eyes change depending on his proximity to the jungle. When he is near the jungles, his eyes take on more green than yellow and vice versa as he travels away from the jungle.
Obasi Kwandele is the grandson of a noted Caldaru tribal chief. Raised in the port city of Senghor, Obasi was instructed from a young age to act as a spiritual advisor to local villages and to assist tribal headsmen in their duties.

Obasi operates on the belief that by speaking to the natural spirits in an area, he can influence them and bring prosperity to the tribes. In times of need, he tries to influence the natural spirits to protect the tribes from danger, heal the sick, or bring good hunting.
Obasi has always been fascinated with the ruined city of Boali. Unfortunately, the Caldaru don’t speak of the city except as a cursed and haunted place, and then only when pressed on the issue, for its discussion remains a cultural taboo for them. There exist no written records of the city in Senghor, so he traveled to Port Peril in the hope of visiting the Mystic’s Redoubt - the only public arcane library in Port Peril.

His research there has led him to an obscure Yamasan manuscript possibly found in the Colonial Archives in Eleder. Obasi booked passage on the first ship he could find sailing from Port Peril to Eleder, The Jenivere.
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