Theothliel Ilphelkiir

"... 3rd son of Fefliel Ilphelkiir, 23rd in line for the Vernal Mantle and wielder of Anarion, the guardian blade"
User: Jonathan
Campaign: Gourmet Adventures
Race: High Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin/5
Retainers: You are a member of a noble family and have the service of three retainers loyal to your family. These retainers can be squires, attendants, messengers, or even a major-domo. Your retainers can perform mundane tasks for you, but they do not fight for you and will leave if they are frequently endangered or abused. Berrian Ilphelkiir (cousin and squire), Karras (attendant), Enialis (attendant and messenger).