"beep beep boop"
User: Ethan
Race: astromech droid
Gender: None
Role: Other
Class/Level: scoundrel/1
small size.
Cone head.
Dark blue and gray color.
Battered and dented in places.
About 25 years off the assembly line.
B5-69 was of standard make and was bought by a smuggler during the clone wars. His owner worked with the republic during the war to get supplies behind separatist lines. When Palpatine came to power his owner was killed my stormtroopers. Before his owner was killed he had formed a strong relationship with his owner and is now bent on avenging his owner.
His owner outfitted him with with the following:
Multiple heavy duty claw graspers
High powered laser cutter (doubles as weapon)
Advanced tactical, logic, and memory circuits (due to large head design)
Advanced computer interface systems
Jet thrusters
Special weapon interface (can hold and use small or medium weapons)
Disguised identification number to evade imperial searches.( uses an R5 number instead of an R4 number)