Iroh Stonesunder

"Live like a Dwarf worthy of epic and song! "
User: Andrew
Campaign: Veil of Shadows
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warpriest /20
Iroh is a middle aged dwarf nearing 160 years. He is tall for his race and build like a rock. He wields a singing stick named The Dirge.
Iroh was a warpriest serving in the military. He took part in defensive battles against kobolds in his youth.

One day while out on patrol, an ambush in a moutain pass destroyed his unit and he was left for dead. Fortunately, he was rescued by monks and taken to a monastery to recover.

Shaken to the core, Iroh stayed at the monastery to mend both body and mind.
Iroh is a Warpriest of Oghma, a militant arm of the faith striving to be worthy of saga and song. He is a eager promoter of Dwarven knowledge, song, and culture.