"We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight."
User: Scott
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Arcanist/10
Rhiannon has dark hair and intense knowing blue eyes. She has a lean but busty build. Her ample bosom is a gift from her mother's heritage. All of the women on that side are heavy set. Her father's family is naturally athletic and of slim tall builds, making her athletic and tight. She wears white robes trimmed with gold filigree. The neckline and sidsplit are designed to accent her charms. Her familiar, Sly, perches on her shoulder when not in combat. He has a few scars from his battles with Korvosan imps.
Rhiannon was born and raised in the Heights district of Korvosa. She is a second cousin to Dyson Fordyce of House Fordyce in Korvosa. Rhiannon grew up in the shadow of the Acadamae, knowing that one day she would attend the infamous school. Despite the evil influences around her Rhiannon was a good natured person. As a young child she befriended many of the pseudodragons that roost in the city. One in particular was injured and she took him in in spite of her father’s demands to leave the creature to die. The little dragon recovered quickly, however the injuries from its battle with the imps over Korvosa left some scars.

Rhiannon progressed through her childhood as a member of the upper class. She was expected to take over the administration of the family’s holdings in Pamiatazova. Rhiannon rejected that in favor of following her childhood premonition to attend the Acadamae. Family politics behind her, Rhiannon went to the Acadamae.

Rhiannon’s first three years were anything but easy. She had many fights with other underclassman. She survived the many magical traps and pitfalls her schoolmasters subjected her to as well. Her natural talent for conjuration soon emerged. As a fourth year student she impressed the faculty. Her limits were tested when Rhiannon had to summon devils and other fiends as part of the curriculum. She has received a special mark of privilege as she has successfully summoned an Erinyes. In the end her moral fiber was corrupted and she became less innocent. In the end she left the school with a sense of superiority and confidence. Rhiannon is also unusual in that she has a pseudodragon as a familiar, where most of the other students had imps. This drew some ridicule until the offender was a pile of ash to be swept up by a first year.

Rhiannon spent ten years at the school improving her techniques and becoming ever stronger and more powerful. She won many challenges, reducing her opponents to puddles of slime or flinging them into the void. She developed her dimensional stride ability to the point she could do it at will without ill effect. Rhiannon also has strengthened her arcane conjuration. On numerous occasions she had confrontations with students of the school of shadows. She learned that merely killing something doesn’t necessarily remove the threat. Thus she makes it a point to blast her enemies into nothingness.

Her familiar, Sly, is the same pseudodragon she nursed back to health. His battles with the imps had also corrupted his nature as well. No longer innocent and cavorting about, he defends his mistress with cunning and guile. Sly prides himself as being the only pseudodragon to have seen the inside of the Acadamae.