User: Leo
Campaign: Terrak
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Druid
Always flashy and flamboyant, this 20-something loves to make an entrance. He stands out in bright colored clothing and can always be heard above the crowd with his striding voice. He thinks he's a lot smarter than he is, and often misuses words or tries to show off skills he may not really possess. He makes no effort to hide his magic, and is usually accompanied by his pet ocelot, Lily.
Hyacinth grew up in a small town in the Varonese countryside, and was apprenticed to a carpenter until his power manifested one day in a heroic burst. Lauded as a hero but bored and no longer content to stay isolated in the country, he left with the carnival when it came through his town, hoping for new adventures. He's wracked up a slew of broken hearts behind him, and while he may be a bit supercilious and overbearing, he always seems sincere when he's wooing a pretty girl.