Syvil Fenn

"Give me the fucking money."
User: April
Campaign: Shadow Strike
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Ass kicker
Tall for a human woman, with black hair and blue eyes. Syvil is very athletic and very confident, but is somehow unimpressive in presentation. Her gaze isn't piercing, and her voice doesn't carry the timbre of command. In fact, she looks exactly like what she is: a heavily armed rich girl who still does not yet grasp the implications of living in a place where nobody cares who her parents are.
A child of privilege, Syvil grew up assuming that she would succeed her mother as head of the family's crime empire. Then her parents didn't give her command of the smuggling operation she'd had her eye on, saying that she didn't think Syvil was ready for that kind of responsibility. Correctly noting that her mother was younger than Syvil is now when she began running those kind of operations, and that her father was younger yet when he had the first death warrant placed on his name, Syvil set out on her own to show her parents just how wrong they are about her.

It's not going well.