Thomas Henderson

User: Thomas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Order of Hermes/Master
One of the last Masters on Earth and one of the Highest ranking members of the Order of Hermes. Thomas has ran the Chantry since the Sundering severed the "Real World" from the Umbra and thickened the Gauntlet. The former master, Marcus Cole, was lost in the battle for the Horizon Chantry and is presumed dead. At the young age of 25 Thomas must now lead those remaining on Earth and protect what has been thrust upon him.
Awakened at the young age of 12 when he and his parents were in a horrific car accident, Thomas quickly gained status as one of the most promising students of the Hermetic Arts. Reaching the rank of disciple faster then had been recorded in recent history, his rise through the ranks came to an abrupt halt when he apparently suffered the blasphemy of Gilgule.

With the aid of his Cabal, he was able to price together his shattered avatar and regain his former strength, but at a price that he will not speak about to this day.

With the cold war of Ascension heating up in the Chicago aria, this young master of the arts strives to save as many as he can from the disaster that he sees on the horizon, Tradition and Technocracy alike.
Thomas looks 25 years of age. 6'1" tall and of slender, but athletic build. He has a shock of red hair and deep green eyes. Intelligent and aloof, but approachable if not the warmest of people.