"My father disowned me, so I joined a cult!"
User: Hayley
Race: human
Gender: Female
Class: cleric
Since birth, Rosaline du Barrie’s life was planned out for her. As the only surviving child of Lord Robert and Lady Celine du Barrie of Brionne, Rosaline was expected to be everything all at once. She lacked for nothing. She had the best tutors money could buy. She learned etiquette, swordplay, mathematics, horseback riding, politics, dancing, musical instruments, and languages. Her closet was the desire of all young women, stuffed to bursting with the finest silks and brocades decorated with jewels and seed pearls. She went to high society balls every other weekend and schmoozed with the moneyed crowd, whether by-birth nobles or by-business merchants. She ate and drank the finest foods and wines. She ran up debts gambling with her weekly allowance.

The one thing Rosaline was lacking: self-esteem.

Despite having everything and having people bow to her every whim and fancy, Rosaline never could gain her parents’ favor. She was born the wrong gender. She could not inherit the family estate and fortune when her father died, so it would be passed on to an irresponsible younger brother. Because of this she often behaved recklessly and acted out to get attention. Despite Rosaline’s aptitude for learning and her elegant beauty, she knew she would be nothing but a pawn on a chessboard to be moved at her father’s discretion.

And so she was betrothed to marry Duke Visconti’s youngest son, Dante, who was six years her junior. She was eighteen; he was twelve. Rosaline railed against her parents and cried for days when she found out her father had secured the marriage for her. Protesting did her little good, of course. She didn’t want to marry a spoiled little brat like the Duke’s son.

Rosaline decided to take her life into her own hands. With the help of her loyal lady in waiting, Olivia, Rosaline secured her gold and jewels, disguised themselves in plain clothes, and ran away. As the first rays of dawn lit up the sky in Rosaline’s new life, she and Olivia made their way through the streets of Brionne to seek sanctuary in a temple. In sanctuary, no one could bother her.

Rosaline knew about all the gods before but never seriously worshipped any one in particular. She heard of a new church that began springing up in Verena in the last few years, the Church of Delora. This new church appealed to her, so she and Olivia found themselves on Delora’s doorstep. The thought of joining a new cult thrilled Rosaline and fuelled her reckless behavior. The Abbess of the church, Sister Carine, took Rosaline and Olivia in immediately, though Rosaline was tempted not to tell the truth about who she was. The Sister Carine’s eyes radiated a kind, gentle warmth that Rosaline lacked from anyone but Olivia. After sobbing out her story, Sister Carine spoke with the other clergy and decided that anyone who sought sanctuary would receive it no matter who they were.

During the first week, Rosaline’s family put out missing posters looking for their fair daughter. The House du Barrie militia began searching for her all over Brionne. They banged on every door in town, even the doors of religious houses. When the militia came to the Temple of Delora, Sister Carine informed them that Rosaline (and Olivia, but no one was looking for her) was indeed among them, but she sought sanctuary and couldn’t be touched. Upon hearing this, the men left the temple and reported back to the du Barrie’s. Rosaline’s father sent the family steward to try to collect her, but Sister Carine wouldn’t allow him to take Rosaline from her care. The steward returned home with the news. Lord Robert promptly struck off Rosaline for shaming and humiliating the family in front of everyone, including the Duke.

She was free!

At first Rosaline found this simple way of life refreshing. She had no more masquerade balls to worry about, no more tight shoes to wear, and no more corsets! No one would find her to collect her gambling debts. She attended chapel every morning at dawn, saying her prayers to Delora and giving thanks that she was able to escape an unhappy life with the Duke’s son. Her newfound freedom gave her confidence, but she soon learned that her life before wasn’t quite so bad. She began complaining about nearly everything. The food tasted bad. The robes were itchy. The beds were stuffed with hay and not feathers. Her knees began to bruise from all that praying on the ground. Olivia was similarly unhappy for a time, but she seemed better able to adjust than Rosaline.

Pretty soon Rosaline’s uppity attitude began to grate upon everyone at the temple. Other clergy began complaining to Sister Carine about her. They devised a plan to teach Rosaline a lesson in humility: let her take the Orders and send her out to do missionary work to spread the Warmth of Delora.

Rosaline was happy to take the Orders because she thought that meant she got a better bedroom. She had no idea it really meant she would be leaving the safety of the temple. Her family had estates in Verena she visited during the summers, but she spent most of her time at court or in the city with an entourage. Going out of the city with a small group of missionaries both excited her and frightened her.

After three months in intensive training, Rosaline learned how to use the weapons and clerical magic of Delora. She grew closer to the goddess and understood her mission to spread the Warmth of the Eternal Flame. She became a Firewalker, one of Delora’s most devoted fire priests.

This Firewalker’s first mission was to a small town called Brackenbeck in the west.

Rosaline died in the Pale Tower in the battle against Radosek…and his ice elementals…and his animated ice dragon statue.