This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
Child of Dark
The seeming counterpart to the Child of Light, this figure is mentioned by the ancient prophecies. Plus
Child of Light
A mysterious figure of prophecy, sought by the Crown of the Sun. Plus
Crown of the Sun
A magical artifact Plus
Silver Zephyr
A silt skimmer owned and piloted by Captain Minron. Plus
Also known as the Crawling Citadel, it is the base of Yarnath Plus
  • Places in NibenaySpacer
    Arena of Nibenay
    The gladiatorial arena of Nibenay. Plus
    Cliffside District
    The noble district of Nibenay. Plus
    The palace of the Shadow King. Plus
    Serpent Tower
    A great tower in Nibenay's Cliffside District. Plus
    Shrine of the Sun
    A house of worship in Nibenay's Western District used by a fire cult that has become popular in recent years. Plus
    Western District
    Nibenay's artisan district, notable for its squalor and crime. Plus
  • City-States, Settlements, and VillagesSpacer
    A fortified trade village at the edge of the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes. Plus
    A city-state located at the divide of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue famous for its fleet of silt ships. Plus
    Bitter Tears
    A village far from Nibenay. Plus
    A ruined city in the Southern Wastes, partially re-settled by House Mareneth. Plus
    A farming village at the center of the Valley of Shemmeth. Plus
    A near-legendary village founded by escaped slaves. Plus
    Grak's Pool
    A spring guarded by a fortress, located midway between Altaruk and Ledopolus. Plus
    A forested city-state at the southern end of the Crescent Forest ruled by the sorcerer-queen Lalali-Puy. Plus
    A dwarven settlement in the foothills of the Ringing Mountains known for its obsidian mine. Plus
    A pair of settlements, North Ledopolus and South Ledopolus, located on either side of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue. Plus
    A city-state ruled by the sorcerer-king of the same name. Plus
    One of the villages of the Bandit States. It is ruled by a mul named Talid. Plus
    Saragar (City by the Last Sea)
    A lost city, far to the north by Marnita, the Last Sea. It is ruled by the mysterious Mind Lords. Plus
    A city-state to the north of the Tablelands in the foothills of the Ringing Mountains. Its sorcerer-king, Kalak, was recently slain. Plus
    Led by Lady Cesti, this village features a mix of humans and demihumans living in a fantasy of their leader’s construction. Plus
  • The Other WordsSpacer
    Lands Within the Wind
    An otherworld of enchantment and wild things that exists alongside the material world...or used to. Plus
    The Black
    A strange realm of darkness beyond the known worlds. Plus
    The Gray
    An echo of Athas, a dark otherworld inhabited by ghosts, nightmares, restless spirits...and worse. Plus
  • Geography and Lands of AthasSpacer
    Bandit States
    Seven villages located near Troll Grave Chasm, populated by outlaws, ex-slaves, and other outcasts led by charismatic and powerful men and women. Plus
    Barrier Wastes
    A desolate area that cuts across a massive portion of the Jagged Cliffs Region. Plus
    Crescent Forest
    A fertile region of forest along the southern curve of the Stormclaw Mountains, between Gulg and Nibenay. Plus
    Crimson Savanna
    A vast grassland at the bottom of the Jagged Cliffs, it is called such for the crimson dust that coats the bamboo-like grass and the blood drawn by its sharp edges. Plus
    Estuary of the Forked Tongue
    A great silt inlet that stretches inland past the city-state of Balic, almost to the hills near the village of Altaruk. Plus
    Glowing Desert
    A huge, open desert that covers the largest portion of the Barrier Wastes. Plus
    Great Ivory Plain
    A salt flat that covers most of the region known as the Ivory Triangle. Plus
    Ivory Triangle
    A crossroads and desolate wasteland at the heart of the Tyr Region. Plus
    Lake Island
    A large island in the Sea of Silt inhabited by dwarves, half-giants, and minotaurs. It has a lake and is forested on its western slope. Plus
    Lava Gorge
    Located on the Scorched Plateau, this massive crack in the crust of the world opens to a sea of magma far below. Plus
    Scorched Plateau
    A region north of the Barrier Wastes, devoid of any signs of civilization. Plus
    Scorpion Plains
    Salt flats that make up the northern portion of the Barrier Wastes. Plus
    Sea of Silt
    A vast sea of fine, gray silt and dust that extends for hundreds of miles beyond the Tyr Region. Plus
    A lost island in the Sea of Silt, found somwhere north and east of the Tablelands. Plus
    Somber Woods
    A brooding, eerie forest located on the Scorched Plateau. Plus
    Southern Wastes
    A vast desert that extends south from the Tablelands, these wastes are said to be endless. Plus
    Stormclaw Mountains
    A range of mountains west of Nibenay and the Crescent Forest. Plus
    The badlands and rocky deserts that stretch between Tyr and Urik. Plus
    The Last Sea (Marnita)
    A great body of salt water hidden behind the peaks of the Thunder Mountains. Minus
    The Last Sea is a great body of salt water hidden behind the peaks of the Thunder Mountains. A large butte juts from the sea, which takes up most of the secluded vale. A field of coarse, hearty grass surrounds the sea. This grass is used to make rope and other fibers, but isn’t very good for grazing. It has adapted to survive in the salt-water-soaked soil, but its high saline content makes it unappetizing to most creatures. A fertile band of scrub plains beyond the grassland, however, supports ample vegetation for grazing and growing selected crops. It has the same characteristics as the scrub plains to the south, though the abundance of water (provided by rain from the mountains) makes it more lush than a typical scrub plains. Rain clouds form in the Thunder Mountains and are carried into the vale, providing a regular source of fresh water. While the valley of the Last Sea is not as hot as the lands to the south, it is far more humid and uncomfortable to anyone not acclimated to the region.

    An ancient city thrives beside the Last Sea. Saragar, which dates back to the period of time known as the Green Age, looks like a paradise compared to the city-states of the sorcerer-kings. Appearances, however, can be terribly deceiving
    Troll Grave Chasm
    A great canyon, near the heart of the Barrier Wastes. The bottom is covered by scrub plains and mud flats. Plus
    Valley of Shemmeth
    A dry but fertile valley in the Hinterlands, far from the domain of the Sorcerer-Kings. Plus
  • Groups of NoteSpacer
    Black Sands Raiders
    A group of bandits and raiders in the region of the Tablelands. Plus
    House Haxtes
    A noble house of Nibenay opposed to House Tauron. Plus
    House Shom
    A merchant house of Nibenay Plus
    House Tauron
    One of the noble houses of Nibenay. Plus
    Red Chord
    A group of mercenaries operating out of the city-state of Tyr. Plus
    Tamwar Nomads
    A band of nomads wandering the Southern Wastes. Plus
    Veiled Alliance
    A secret society dedicated to passing on the secrets of perserving magic and defying the sorcerer-kings. Plus