The Jabberwocky has been asleep for as long as anyone can remember, but rumors have been stirring, and recently a prophecy has been made that the Jabberwocky will awaken, and it will change the face of Wonderland forever. One individual is the catalyst of this event, and how they wield the power they hold determines the fate of Wonderland.

Wonderland meets steampunk in this adventure that utilizes the FATE 3.0 system.

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Session 0.1, Part 2 - We're SO Not in Essex Anymore
Willow's First Adventure
Episode Number/Title: Volume 1, Episode 1, Part II - We're SO Not in Essex Anymore
Characters Involved: Willow, The White Queen, Eagle

Summary incoming briefly.
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Session 0.3 - Hey, Can I Lookit That. . .?
Introducing Raccoon the. . . Raccoon
Episode Number/Title: Volume 1, Episode 3 - Hey, Can I Lookit That. . .?
Characters Involved: racoon, the White Queen [?], the Red Queen [?], The White Rabbit

Has not happened yet because I'm waiting on Dave.
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Session 0.2 - My Goddamned Mountain
Introducing Rocky - Erm. . . Ignis Fatalis
Episode Number/Title: Volume 1, Episode 2 - My Goddamned Mountain
Characters Involved: Ignis Fatalis, The White Queen

For now, the post below will suffice - I need to write up Part II of Willow's introduction to Wonderland. >.<"
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Off to a Rocky Start
I began walking towards what I thought was the nearest White Court Fiefdom almost immediately after manifesting, a process of which I will not go into detail about due to an overall lack of knowledge of that process. It took about three light-cycles to get there. On the way, I fashioned a backpack out of a tree stump and some vines. During my time as a Mountain/Volcano (I guess, it’s sort of fuzzy), I constantly saw people carrying things around. I didn’t wear clothes and as such did not have pockets, so I figured I should have something to carry things around in if I came upon something worth carrying around.

Anyway, got to that Fiefdom I was talking about. Walked on in and tried to go to their leader-person ,but a guard said he was busy and I needed to make an appointment. After being directed to a secretary (a position that apparently acts as his keeper, but without the power that goes with all the work), I had a mid-length, awkward conversation. What I found out was that he couldn’t help me with reclaiming MY Volcano, which is unfair because it is TOTALLY MY DAMNED VOLCANO. I feel quite strongly about this. She said that the White Queen could help me, and that I should go visit her. According to her, there was some prototype airship that would be headed that direction, or something, so I went ahead and followed that up. I did not like this woman, for the record. She called me a “thing”, which was mean because I have feelings (in all fairness, I was not aware of that fact until she said that).

I went to see the alchemist that she told me about, and he was really friendly and/or needed to use the restroom. I tried to convince him to fly low to the ground, because the secretary-meanie said something about explosions and I didn’t want to have to fall very far. The alchemist kept trying to say it wasn’t going to explode, so I said that I was afraid of falling off or tripping (my very first lie! Ever!). He told me that the ship would be leaving next light-cycle. So I went outside the city and spent my time carving a crude image of MY VOLCANO THAT IS MINE AND NOT THEIRS into my backpack. It is pretty. Then I came back, and had to climb a ladder to get in the airship, which I was worried about because it was flimsy. But that turned out okay. Another three or so light cycles, and we were at the White Queen’s Palace/HQ. I talked to some guards, waited for a bit, and then went to see her. I had to wait, because she was talking to some Fey. Probably about shoes.

So, anyway, I go see her, and she’s all brightly dressed and child-like, and we hammer out some details about how I’m going to do some stuff for her and then she’ll assist me in reclaiming the VOLCANO THAT THEY STOLE FROM ME IT IS MINE MINE MINEMINEMINE but I have to uphold White Court tenants such as not murdering people all the time, saying that magic is magic, and not using icky technology that is icky. Non-icky is fine. And I have to do things she asks, sometimes. But I might not do that. Hopefully bumping those stupid non-court Pure Mortals off my shit will refuse me with the Volcano or something, and I’ll be restored to what I was. So she can be all like “Hey Ignis go buy me pretty things” or whatever and I’ll be like “Yeah, I’ll do that right away BOOM I JUST EXPLODED NOW YOU ARE DEAD!”. That’s a pretty rough plan, but I’ll iron out the details.

So, first thing I have to do is go get some ring that a Red Court guy stole. She doesn’t know where the guy is, but knows a fox that is being held that does know. She provided a carriage that would take me halfway there, where the snow starts. She said she doesn’t trust snow. This makes sense to me. I get all up in that carriage, which is pulled by deer. On the way there, it slows down andthe driver starts yelling and on of the deer does a little deer-scream. So I poke my head out to see what the bloody hold up is, and there are a bunch of men on horses, wearing black and red. Also my driver is dead. So I’m all like “hey, those are nice colors. Lava and obsidian, you know?” because, fuck that stuff is awesome. I guess he doesn’t think so because he’s all like “what are you?” and “don’t move!” and “we’re faster than you!”. So obviously I try to run, because they start encircling me and pulling out weapons, but some jerk shoots me in the leg and I fall over. They toss nets on me, made of some metal, and tie me up. I thrash a bit, sort of for fun, and rip the ropes out. I get a couple of shots in, ribs and knees. I keep on a-thrashin’, and the leader guy starts trying to stab me! I alternate between friendly banter and telling him he’s a jerk, so he keeps on trying to stab me.
I’ve woken up in some sort of prison. With a guy that appears to desire experimentation. This is pretty not good. I can try lying? Or. . .squeezing him until he kersplodes?

Hmm. . .
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