Set in the grim world of Dark Sun.

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Two weeks to prepare for GLORY
If you get a chance, I'd love to see your character built and uploaded before we start. Feel free to use the comments or the forum (link in the menu bar above) to talk about what you are building and perhaps how you can see them working together. I'll be posting up NPCs as I find time and if you already have characters up - I'll do my best to link them.

It might also be a good idea to built at least two characters. Dark Sun is grim and gritty and since this isn't necessarily public play we can take the gloves off if you guys want to see it played as it is written.

As I said in the kick off email we'll go for five sessions and I believe the pace is every other Thursday from 9pm until Midnight.

One way you can ensure the that you'll get the game you want without us doing a formal brainstorming / mind mapping session is to imagine what kind of quest you would love to see for the character idea you come up with. Don't worry about limiting it to what the other players are bringing up. Don't worry if it sounds too ambitious or abstract. It's just a great way to let me know what you would enjoy playing and then I can focus my efforts in that direction.
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Testing the RSS Feed

Ok, I've confirmed that an entry that is viewable by "everyone" is viewable in the RSS feed. So all future Journal entries will be set to public. This should help us thrown this into a feed-reader and get reminders of when things have been updated.


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