A lost land is opened to exploration.

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Bag of Holding
Inside a bag of Holding, hidden in Hardins Workshop. Is a small talismon. A Powerful Necromancy Item
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plot hooks
Hey everyone I started a forum with a list of things to do during game sessions so you don't forget anything. Whenever you think of something that you would like to do. Make a post in the forum so we don't forget.
Also, if you post an idea for someplace you'd like to go and I don't have anything done for it yet I can make sure there will be something interesting there when you get there.
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Session One

After arriving in town and encountering each other in the tavern, a
group of adventurers decided to start exploring the Solano Planes. The
group consisted of Georgie Cutter, "trained rogue;" Aedodan Naeohiem
Elven Factotum; Bumble Tanglewood, Gnomish Wizard/Cleric and Kyria
Bellerose, fire wielding fighter.

While traveling to the outpost, they encountered two Goblins, a
Bugbear and a giant beetle.

Arriving at the outpost, they discovered it was inhabited by Kobolds
lead by a Blackscaled Lizardfolk. After a battle wherein all parties
proved their usefulness, they defeated the creatures. Bumble has
suggested taking over the outpost.

Session Two

Bored of the planning the rest of the group was doing, Kyria left
them, found a Dwarven Artificer newly arrived in the town and talked
him into exploring on the plains.

After fighting a troglodyte who got several good blows in on Kyria,
they returned to town for healing.

While Kyria was engaged with that, the artificer created a scroll of
cure light wounds, which later came in handy.

Returning to the plains, they encountered and defeated a demonic
ostrich and pair of lizardfolk.

Generally speaking, when the fighter hits something with her sword,
especially if it is flaming, it dies.

Hardin Bazrak First

Hardin had just entered Solano's Bastion when a young fire headed
maiden ran up to him and asked if he wanted to go outside of town and
look around. Well what better way to get to know the landscape he
thought. So out they went. After about an hour or two of walking the
plains. Hardin and the fire headed maiden found a lizard man. Which
they quickly Dealt with. The maiden was quite injured so they ventured
back to town.

While she looked for someone in town to heal her. Hardin went along
and made himself a scroll of cure light wounds. A handy scroll at
that. During their second trip out. They killed a giant bird. Whitch
harden wanted to cook for himself. And then 2 more lizard folk. They
delt with both quite easly. Though Hardin did have to use the scroll
on the maiden. After that the two Ventured back to town. Hardin
decided to now take a look around town and see what there is there.

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