A young group of Pathfinders make their way through the world of Golarion.

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The puddles and the desert
It seems the Pathfinders society is intent on sending me to the worst areas of the world. I have found myself paired with some fellow Pathfinders; a Garundi spell caster of some sort (I believe a Druid or Sorcerer but I can never tell) who has a large silvery beast do his bidding, a Paladin whom I believe is Taldan although he may be Azlanti or Ulfen, and a Half-Elf I believe to be a witch.

We were first sent to the Puddles district of Absolom to retrieve some information from a man known as Yargos Gill. When we found the old man he was chained together (with some other men) and shoved into the sea, being the only person present that seemed to know how to open a lock, I was forced to jump into the sea and unlock them.

We have now been sent to deliver the corpse of Targos Min-Katheer to his home city of Katheer. We have already watched a guide die from the venomous bite of a river snake and another that disappeared in the sand storm (don't get me started on the sand storm) was found dead. The heat of the sun beats down on us from above and my only hope is that there may be something to further my research or possibly give me information on the location of Domitian Vors when we reach Katheer.
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bui-dei begins to scribe in small letters on a blank parchment...

[several days later, a message is received via homing pigeon by the sisters of sea cove coven:]


although i was visited upon by misfortune, i am currently back on track, however, the time frame will be set back. forgive me for the delay, but the task you have assigned will be done by next rise of a full moon.

through a series of mishaps -- perhaps the work of our enemy's hexes, i was drugged, shackled and brought aboard a slaver ship. it took nearly a moon cycle, but there was a sliver of fortune in the midst of my misfortune: the slaver has brought me to the very destination which you have designated in my task.

i had not eaten for days now and have lost considerable substance. it will take a few days to regain my strength, in body and spirit. the slaver (i am certain kelishite) nearly broke me had it not for the aid of a fellow kellid slave. the slaver had laced our meager ration. it was a light poison that caused stupor to keep the slaves docile and in control. some slaves were already weak to begin could not even get out of their bedding area to heed nature's calling. it had been days of inhumane and shameful mistreatment. my pity grows multi-fold at the plight of slaves.

with the limited hex and spells at my disposal (and very the potion of reduce person you provided, which i thought to myself might never find use!), the kellid and i were able to free ourselves from our bonds. i owe the kellid my life. he swam us to shore -- a considerable distance which would have easily been my end.

i will communicate with you again when i have gained progress. may the sisters of sea cove coven live long and overcome!

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