From deep catacombs to sky-raking spires, Ravnica is covered in countless layers constructed over thousands of years. Lofty cathedrals, hulking courthouses, towering apartments, sprawling tenements, and cobblestone plazas spread as far as the eye can see.

In this teeming cosmopolis, ten guilds vie for power, wealth, and influence, held in an uneasy peace by a magical force called the Guildpact. But the Guildpact doesn't prevent the intrigue, subterfuge, and political machinations that are a hallmark of life in Ravnica.

And now the Guildpact is gone, or seems to be. What chaos might erupt if the ambition and rivalry of the guilds goes unchecked? It's up to you to choose your guild and shape the future of Ravnica.

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Disclaimer: The Living Guildpact is not responsible for the fate of those who are arrested by the Azorius, beaten by the Boros, dodged by the Dimir, grossed out by the Golgari, gored by the Gruul, imploded by the Izzet, outwitted by the Orzhov, rousted by the Rakdos, subsumed by the Selesnya, or sickened by the Simic. Join or leave a Guild at your own risk, and get caught up in Guild politics at your peril.
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