Storm King's Thunder campaign

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Session 1
The group travels to Nightstone only to find it has come under giant attack followed by goblins looting. Found inside the Nightstone Inn was Kella Darkhope. After some interrogation, she reveals she is an agent for the Zhentarim Network on a mission to secure the town for the Black Network. Upon the party trying to leave the town north to follow the villagers footprints, they notice Kella Darkhope attempting to enter the watchtower and close the drawbridge to the entrance to town.

The party then managed to construct a makeshift bridge made from two ladders to cross the damaged bridge to the Keep. They found distraught guards inside mourning the death of the towns leader, Lady Velrosa Nandar. They give more information about the attack. It was led by cloud giants in their cloud castle dropping rocks on the town, then ripping the magical black stone from the ground and flying off.

Where we left off, the party decided to rescue the townsfolk in the caves to the north.
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