Almost 200 years ago, when the land that was to become Nirmathas was still a vassal of the empire of Cheliax, the northern reaches of the Fangwood were a wild and untamed place. The crusades that laid low the Whispering Tyrant to the north were a distant memory, and those who remained were intent upon keeping the orcs of Belkzen and the remaining undead from Ustalav in check. As a result, the great forest was full of danger, from marauding orcs to deadly predators, making it unsafe for merchants hoping to trade with the growing community of Skelt in the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains to the west.

Ekat Kassen was a crusader and fortune seeker who came to serve Lastwall in the year 4515 AR (Absalom Reckoning). While he fought with distinction, he soon realized that he wanted more from life and left the Lastwall military to find his fortune elsewhere. His travels took him all over the region around Lake Encarthan, and he decided to settle down in 4522 after a very profitable adventure. Using a sizable portion of his fortune, he set out to tame a small area of the Fangwood on the banks of the Tourondel River, making it a natural stopover for those traveling up and down the river to Skelt.

It is now 4708 AR. The world has changed from Ekat Kassen's day, but the town remains. Kassen is a small town ruled by Mayor Uptal, a fair, but mildly grim man. While most of the “townsfolk” actually live in small homes or camps in the woods and fields surrounding Kassen proper, the town is quite tightknit. As with most of the folk in Nirmathas, they stand up for one another and refuse to be pushed around.

In war and in everyday life, Nirmathi are fiercely independent. They are a people who define themselves largely by opposition to their regimented and bureaucratic former masters in Cheliax and Molthune. There is great generosity and charity of spirit in Nirmathas, but everything is mediated by the ideals of freedom, self-sufficiency, and liberty above all else. Even the best ideas are ignored or rejected if there is even the faintest hint of compulsion. To infringe upon individual rights and freedoms is to invite blood feud. The partisans of Nirmathas have learned well how to survive. Whether they can succeed in forming a nation remains to be seen.

From this humble frontier area, largely unaware of the happenings in the wider world, new heroes may be forged in the trials of their time. Will their story be told 200 years from today? Time will tell.

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The Ritual for the Book of the Titan…

Last we left our hero’s; the airship was in the process of crashing. The barge crashes into the trees tossing wreckage everywhere and downing some trees as well.

Good news it didn’t hit the town nor did we get injured. The bad news all that mythral!

After we decide to search the wreckage for the gem/orb with no trace of it! Did it go back through the rift? With nothing else to do we decide to open the 3 chests checking once more for magic and traps prior to so. Man these are difficult to open. Rofellos assists and actually has better luck then me for once opening one of them. Kamahl, Rofellos, and I open the second. Roshin smashes the last.

The contents of chest 1, has 5105 gp.

Chest 2 has 100 misc. gems worth 50 gp each. (5000)
5140 silver pcs. And a gold cloth bag 80gp.

Chest 3 has 2960gp, a golden trumpet 150gp,jewel studded belt 450gp, a gold statue of a dwarven warrior 300gp, and a necklace with emeralds 1800gp.

Still no orb is found, wishful thinking on our part, oh well. We may have to ask Zorath if he may know of its whereabouts. We leave behind the armor and sword of the giantess with the wreckage, it is so big! Or at least I thought we did.

Once that is over the others and I depart back to Jol to inform the townsfolk of our success. I am still not allowed in town so I have to wait in the woods at the edge of town out of site. Damn kids, just because I’m small, don’t think I’m a hero. I’ll be watching you kid. The others are then treated to a feast and are allowed to stay the night in town for the festivities. Theon the sage also visits with the research they had asked for. Stating the orb was a catalyst, sentient and it seeks to sow chaos.

While waiting I see a group of warriors from the town heading my way, did they tell them where I’m at? Yikes! I go off running towards the barge wreckage for shelter and a hoping this is a good spot to hide. Maybe I can salvage something.

Town mayor turns out is actually a king named Opyr 8 Fingers and he also stated he faked killing of the Lenorm. Rofellos keeps talking to the king of Jol. The others were allowed an audience after they had requested one during the feast.

Whew after hiding It appears I hid successfully and am now safe. I think I spot the warriors but they seem more interested in the wreck then me, oops.
Well may as well look around, hey a small scrap of Mythral! (It is small but easy to carry, estimated worth was 75gp)

Placing it in my backpack and checking the area for the warriors I sneak on back to the outskirts and in the shadows make a small camp, no fire so I’m not spotted and wait for the others. Sitting in a tree I watch the Town best I can and try to take in the music. It’s faint, being so far away but enjoyable to listen to.
After a few days, man it feels like 4! I am thinking they left me! That’s it. I know they’re going to Zorath. I know how to get there. Hey wait, the others are coming.

We continue on to see Zorath, me trying to ignore all the cool stories they had at the feast. I guess Evengar beat Roshin in one of the feats of strength, first time!

When we arrive to Zorath’s Keep it is in better repair then last. The Walls are repaired and the gaping hole is now gone. A s we approach the door swings open. We enter seeing him sitting in a great chair at the end of the hall. We explain that Vorakas was the cause and the reasons why the orb may have sought her. He seems unfazed by everything. Maybe I should ask... Nah!

He still has all these crazy cats around the room, I wonder if I can have one? Best not already pissed off enough people this week.

Evangar and Roshin start talking about an arena battle challenge, maybe I haven’t missed it!

After our tale Zorath agrees to conduct the ritual now that his task is completed. I believe we asked him to do the Ritual for the Book of the Titan.
We are given the thick tome. We recall that month’s ago this was for Kaylan and her friend Ravi, before he perished. He, she? Kinda forgot.

Any who we decide to venture on and return the tome to Kaylan! It will be cool to see if she makes a cameo! The town is Jalmaraey.

In the meanwhile our hero’s are left to there own thoughts as they adventure towards the city.

Here’s some more of the loving Widget.

“Oh, I’ll tell you a tale of the gnome hero Widget,

Who was oh so tall, but to humans was a midget.

But a man he was and he’d save the day

So bold in a fight in every way!

He’d kill kobolds, goblins, and lizards

Shred them up and down their innards

But a gnome he was and he loved money

Drank it up just like a bowl of honey

Platinum, gold, and even silver

But don’t try to steal what is his, a girl did and he knifed her

He has a watchful eye even at dinner

Gamble with him and more times then not he’s the winner!

He’ll protect his friends even with their jest

No Rofellos I am not a pest!

Tonight I will regale the townsfolk with tales of our heroic Conquest!

But before I do its time for a rest

Hello Kaylan, Oooo a chest

If Roshin doesn’t hold me back it will be the Best!”

“I know you feel where I’m coming from, regardless of the things in my past that I have done. Really, most of it was for the hell of the fun.”

Widget Knobblenockershebumeroo

Notes: Level up to 12 next time up!

Hero points as it stands:

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Chasing the Storm Queen and the Curse of the Ribbon Sky

The sky begins to darken towards the north/northwest. Thunderclouds are approaching fast and large. This does not look normal; if this is magical I should take heed, and notes!
While we can, our party rests and heals up for the battle that is to come.
There is a looming sense from some that we may not come back from this. Of all the righteous battles we have endured, this is the big one!
I’m not afraid!

Rofellos ask me for some parchment, I distractingly give him some lost in thought. There is talk about sending a messenger pigeon and having Kamahl fly on after it to track down the Storm Giantess fortress. I’m betting it’s through the storm.
Knowing the geography of the area I “Boom know it!” writing that down, he he.
Let’s face it what Don’t I know. I retain a lot of knowledge some good and some not so.
That storm is on target for the town of Jol.
Roshin and the party decide we need to somehow stop it and save the town.
Well here goes.

Rofellos sends the pigeon, Kamahl is pursuit. “Now, now Midna, Kamahl keeps leaving you. I’ll take care of you!” No worries.
I toss him some jerky as a treat, good Kitty!

Meanwhile Kamahl flies into a cloud chasing the bird, he is an air elemental now so he is harder to spot. Kamahl “flies casual” as a Giant atop of a Roc flies very close to his position. Ignoring Kamahl they fly on. The wind is picking up now and the updrafts are to strong for the pigeon to return to the fortress. It has stopped and rested on a tree for the time being. Kamahl continues to investigate the cloud, looking for a safe spot for entry.

“Hey we should warn the townsfolk that this storm is heading right toward them!”
“Nice job Widget, but you shouldn’t come with us to do so, remember what happened to you last time buddy?” Roshin is a good friend to be concerned for my well being, Thanks!”

Kamahl is eventually spotted and he dives near the surface far away from the fortress in the sky. In his escape he wasn’t tracked. Lucky!
He then returns and reports how “Big Bird” chased him.
He then describes what he saw and we formulate a plan. Yeah right. “Magic Beans”.

We pack up and they head to town to warn the others. I head on ahead and meet the others with the Druid and ask if the griffons will aid us in passage by flying us on up to the fortress and back. Midna too big, must hang with the Druid.

Rofellos and Kamahl talk way too long

So I have time to write this song

Protection spells upon us, I guess

This helps from the lightning attack mess

As we fly up we see the sun

But today we fight, no more fun

Will we live or will we die?

For my sake I hope my music jives

These are the days of our lives

Inspiring courage for the skillless fliers is a good thing, miscellaneous bolt of lightning fly about, whew! Missed me!

Giant and a Roc are spotted. We are hastened and we advance into attack formation.
Using the last of my charges, Ring of the Ram in your face! Pow knocking the giant off the Roc and falling to his death. Evengar kills off the other Giant. The Roc’s now pilotless, fly on off. Good thing we didn’t attack them!

Defeated we fly on up to the Fortress. It looks more like a boat, but flying!

Whoa If I’m not mistaken this is made of gold and mythral! Darkwood too!
Landing on the airship, we appear to be at a docking station of sorts.

As we meander and look around the levels we spot a young Blue Dragon and 3 treasure chests! WooHoo! Let’s load them onto the Griffons while we have time! They appear nonmagical but we cannot at this time determine if there’re locks on them.

Oh yeah, we defeated the dragon, Nice going Evangar. He’s a silent assassin! Sorry Roshin.

Roshin suggests we leave the chests behind and continue on.
After minutes of failed persuasion we go on. Locating a ladder we climb on up.
We all make it to the main floor , taking it all in.
Verakas is seen at the center surrounded by thin string of liquid. Ectoplasm?
Various auras appear and disappear around it.

Vorakas complain upon her seeing us. “So Zorath sent lackeys did he?”
She claims only one of us will survive to tell Zorath of his failure. Roshin calls it first! Lucky, “I don’t want to die!”

We you guessed it next is a fight to the death, here we go!
She assaults Roshin quickly and he is barely standing, Uhh, Evangar you’re up!

Rofellos casts a spell on her. You’d think he’d go for one a little cuter.
She is week in the knees. Oh! Oh! Rofellos has got dibs!

Verakas still angry grabs some of the aura glowing goo and flings it at Roshin. Rofellos enfeebles her once more. Evangar quietly sneaks in and attacks. With the area clear Kamahl casts a Flamestrike!
I think the goo was affected too?!

“Medic”! I come to the aid of Evangar and heal him up best I can up.

Roc’s appear and join in on the attack. One attacks Kamahl, the other after Roshin.
Evangar focuses on Verakas.

More flames come flying down. Verakas and a Roc are scorched!

Thundering drums, time to change this up and play some beats, Supersonic!
Roshin falls, Oh damn he’s down. Is he dead? What the hell are we going to do?

Meanwhile Evangar solo kills Verakas! Nice going! The Roc’s seeing this fly off in retreat!

Black tentacles come shooting from the ground , grasping a Roc trying to flee!
Bad news though the wound in the sky is getting larger, this is not good.

We target a Dispel and antimagic spells at the void. Kamahl after casting starts to close to rift! Slowly it recedes but it closes! Around us the ectoplasm dissipates.

With the rift closed and with us defeating the pilot of the air ship we have a short time only to escape. I make way and secure a chest to a griffon with the help of the others. The other two are picked up as well. We fly on off and the ship starts to descend and crash on to the surface. I hope it doesn’t hit Jol.

We land and escape in much better shape then we thought.

More to follow…
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Verakas in the sky with diamonds... Maybe?
We just finished killing the blobs that rained from the sky. Now we have to find out where they came from. We are talking about seeing the druid in the Grungir Forest, or the sage Theodin Nombus. We decide to go see Theodin. Widget makes a good point (I know weird) that we shouldn't say that we are going to go kill the Storm Queen just in case he is in cahoots with her. We arrive at Theodin's place. He lives in a small wooden house. We smell the pleasant odor of fresh baked bread. He is tall and very thin with large features. He easily recognizes we are adventurers. Rofellos asks about the gelatinous rain. he says that he hadn't heard about that, but he seems very interested in the strange weather. He claims to be sort of historian and has been checking the weather from the past and there has never been this sort of strange activity in the past. He lets us know he is a researcher for hire. He seems jumpy but I think that's normal for him. He thinks the strange weather is being caused by a jewel called the Orb Beyond. The Orb beyond is extra planer, but is linked to our world by the souls of the people who were wrongfully killed called the Pale Ones. The Pale Ones are angry spirits that are drawn to the orb because it allows them to travel from something like limbo to seek revenge, but they don't have any memory of there own so they just empower the orb to take vengeance on whoever the orbs controller desires. The orb sort of tears a hole in our world and he believes the hole is in the sky, which is why the weather has been so strange. Roshin asks if he knows anything about the storm queen, but he doesn't know anything about her. We explain our mission from Zorath. He says that he will find any info on the Storm Queen and Zorath. Roshin gives him 20 gold pieces for his time and promises another 20 if he can find us good info in two days.

We make our way to see Zeroot. When we arrive we see a protective ring of trees that slows the passage for the norms, and some animals almost guarding the area. When we enter the ring of trees A man comes out from around a tree who must be Zeroot. We introduce ourselfes and ask about the strange weather. He noticed that it is not natural occurrences. Widget asks if we can borrow his griffins to check out the disturbance in the sky. He says that his griffins are not so much pets but friends. We inform him of the Gelatinous cube rain on the town. He is not to concerned with the towns folk, but he says that they don't deserve that. He may be able to help, but he only knows the things his animal friends tell him. He says that there is a spot in the west where there is some strange wind currents. He knows that the change in the weather is unnatural, and he thinks that this will just end on its own in time, but this is the first he has heard of the gelatinous cubes. He says that if he finds anything he will let us know, Rofellos asks him if there is an easier way out than the way in (What is he talking about I had no trouble on the way in) He says to go the same way we came in and this time the way was clear.

When we return to town some kids ask us if we are the hero's from the other day. Widget says yeah (all cocky), the kid says that you can't be a hero I'm bigger than you. The kid shoves Widget, and Widget swipes the kid with his claws and nearly kills him!. Before we even had time to react Widget heals the child and takes off running for the woods, while the rest of the kids scatter, and the towns folk start to scream what happened. I'd say we should have Widget neutered, I am almost positive it would help, but I'm against animal cruelty...

We head to where the druid told us his friends were feeling the strange air currents. On the way there we see a familiar lady in rags pushing a cart we start to think she is following us. We circle around a few times, and she is following us. We wait for her around the next corner, and we appear to have startled her. She says that she has been gathering info on us because we are new and someone might pay her for the info. Roshin does not seem to be convinced thou. Rofellos finds out that she has an illusion spell running from a head band. I call out "She is going to attack!" Roshin Hits her with his hammer Boom! she doesn't fall? uh oh. Suddenly she starts to grow and a lot! Great another storm giant. She shoots lightning from her hands at Roshin, but the ring that Rofellos charged stoped the spell hooray! We all attack her and finally Roshin blasts her in the hip with his hammer the bones makes a sickening crunch! and she crumples to the ground dead.

Greater hat of Disguise works like alter self
in her cart 399 gold, 935 silver, a cage with a homing pigeon, and a small rolled paper next to it that says I received your message help is coming.

Theodin comes running into town yelling that the storm queen is a cloud giant.
Zorith had a companion named Verakas a cloud giant companion. she died under strange circumstances she had a bunch of birds but they were eaten by a bunch of cats... Hey didn't Zorath have a bunch of extra planer cats... obviously she is not dead and is pissed that his cats ate her birds. We go to find Widget and catch him up on recent events. We are thinking of sending the messenger pigeon with another message, and I was going to follow it to find the cloud giants roost in the sky as the pigeon would have said. When we find Widget we hear something big crashing thru the trees just north of us heading toward the village. It turns out to be 2 Giants and I think they are heading toward us. uh oh there is also 2 spirit naga and they are scary looking. We were trying to hide but they found us pretty easily. It was a tough fight but we made it be the skin of our teeth. until next time...........

giants have master work halberds large full plate armor
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Giant Encampment
27 Sarenith

Speaking with Zorath, he indicates that the Hill Giants have a camp to the north. We heal up and rest up the night before heading north.

28 Sarenith

Zorath believes the hill giants are a couple of days north. Reaching the bottom of the spiral Rofellos is easily able to pick up the giants trail. He says, “This should be easy. They seem to bash something every couple hundred of yards or so. Definitely anger issues!” After some time we come signs of a camp, and by nightfall we find a burned farm and pile of bones. It appears as if they actually used the farmhouse as their campfire.

Rofellos asks us to remain as he circles the area looking for signs of anyone other than giants that might have been in the area. He finds enough tracks to determine that three humans – two adults and a child – lived here and escaped. The nearest community is called Jol to the west of the farm.

The terrain is marked by foothills and copse of trees interspersed.

29 Sarenith

Midmorning as we angle west following the tracks, we spot the wingless dragon in the distance to the north. The creature is huge!! It is greyish brown flesh, massive reptilian head with horns. Scales like crusty armor plates glisten in the midmorning sun. It is mostly tail ending in three spiky tendrils.

Widget after studying the wrym says that it is a Linnorm. They are poisonous and constrict and likely has a breath weapon of magma. He has also heard that they have extremely keen senses and are almost impossible to sneak upon. But most importantly, they have vast hordes of treasure. Vast!!

Rofellos, in a combined moment of brilliance and sheer bravado, suggest we lure the Linnorm onto the hill giants. Widget volunteers to sack the Linnorm's lair while we lead it to the hill giants.

Later that evening we reach what appears to be another campsite. A fire flickers in the distance. Kamahl changes into the form of an owl and flies ahead to investigate. He circles what appears to be band of ten or so farmers or herders that appear have been chased from their homes. Some look like they are quite worn from travel. After a brief discussion, we decide to make for their camp in an attempt to gain addition information as well as perhaps treat any injuries.

As we get close, a guard calls out warning us to stop, and that if we mean no harm that we can join their camp. After a bit of time with the farmers & herders, we learn that they were chased from their homes by giants. With a bit of questioning, it sounds like they same giants that we had battled. We think that there were over two dozen members of the giant war party. We donate a small amount of money (50 gold and 250 silver) to the farmers, and spend the night.

30 Sarenith

Early Rofellos mentions that the ogre party is no longer traveling with the giants. We continue to follow the dinosaur tracks! It is clear that they are making a direct path to some location.

At mid-morning we come across a woman sitting against a tree. As Widget approaches, she asks for help. She says she is a prisoner of a Satyr and won't be released unless she can give him a magical item. We all approach and Kamahl indicates that she is a dryad.

The satyr then appears while playing it's pipes.

After a few more moments, the dryad rolls her eyes and goes into her tree saying, “they aren't buying it.”

A few hours later in the afternoon, we come upon a party of 6 hill giants at the ready! As we draw our weapons we hear a roar and crash as a gigantic bear – over 16 feel tall – comes through the woods, making very threatening gestures. We move up but do not attack as the bear rushes the giants. Good for us!!

The giants engage the bear, while one of the giants in the rear throw's stones at Evengar – hitting him squarely! It is time for us to retaliate. Kamahl open with a raging flame strike and we rush in to fight. Evengar rushes up to battle as I follow closely behind. The giants take out the bear as we continue to battle the giants. Rofellos casts a lightning bolt through all but one of the giants, killing two.

The battle ends as it should – with the defeat of the giants. Searching them we collect what they had. The bear, in turn, had nothing of real value. Kamahl says the bear is a dire bear and while unusual, is not unheard of.

We spend the evening and rise early to continue our journey.

31 Sarenith

By mid-morning we come across the hill giant encampment. There appears to be several tents & structures, with dire wolves ringing the encampment as guards. As we are approaching from downwind, the oder is nearly overbearing – with the smell of dung, wet leather, and rotting food.

There appears to be about 16 tents scattered about what appears to be a cave opening.

Kamahl turns into a bird and flies over the camp to get a good look. As he gets closer to the cave opening, he sees three other hill giants guarding the cave opening. There is a small amount of flickering light coming from inside the cave. After several minutes of talking, I simply volunteer that I can always just smash them. “Sooner or later you have to crap or get out of the outhouse!”

This is planning is taking far too long.

Kamahl casts flame strike and the battle begins. A dire wolf runs up and is eviscerated by Evengar. The battle rages with the dire wolves charging forward as do the giants. A rock strikes me and changes into an earth elemental. Midna takes out a dire wolf as another rock is thrown and strikes Widget as it turns into an earth elemental.

Every time I close with a giant I get in 2 good swings and 1 that goes horribly wrong. Worse, Evengar steps up and takes the beast out. I am not pleased! Feeling intense pressure from the young kid, I step up and shows him how it is down – old school! As the battle rages, a giant moves up and strikes a fierce blow, knocking me to the ground – blood spurting from me as I drop.

With the quick thinking Widget rushes over and heals me shortly after I fall. I take a potion of healing as the rest of the party kills the last opponent. What a battle!!!
Session: Who sent the hill giants? - Friday, May 24 2013 from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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Castle in the Clouds
27 Sarenith
Moving past the wall breaker giant, we hear the sounds of battle from inside the castle. A giant Air Elemental is still fighting a large group of Hill Giants in the main entryway. As they surround the Elemental I see the perfect opportunity to try out my newly crafted wand of Fireball! Works like a charm. Roshin and Evengar hold the… broken whole in the wall… while the rest of us fire spells and bolts in. The Air Elemental dissipates and I am concerned for a moment that we will be overwhelmed now that all their attention is focused on us. Widget however puts one to sleep while Kamahl calls down the thunder. Roshin seems to be more than a match for these guys hit for hit, and together he and Evengar cut through the giants into the fortress.

Inside we find more giants corpses some burned and crushed violently. There are more bodies than just what we killed. Someone else must have started the fight here. The inside of the fortress is covered in ornate tapestries, blue and white being the predominant color scheme. Widget quickly tallies up how much loot is on the giant’s bodies (It never ceases to amaze how quickly he does that). While he works, a house cat enters the hall and begins to speak! “Something is trying to destroy the fortress’ foundation.” We ask it how to get to the foundation and it says any stairs leading down will get you there. So we rush off in search of stairs.

We run for a while, taking any passageway that leads down and eventually come to a room made of solid mist. Amazing magics are at work in this room! There is also an Ice Devil and a Frost Giant at work too. The devil doesn’t even seem to notice us and just attacks the center pillar of the room with a pitchfork of ice. Every time he strikes the pillar a portion of the mist freezes solid and chips away. Roshin steps up and begins to pound on the devil but it still takes no notice. Evengar, Midna, Kamahl, and I focus on the Frost Giant while Widget inspires us with a song. Evengar is the first to discover that the Frost Giant is vulnerable to fire with his flaming sword. The giant goes down fairly quickly (just in time according to the judge) and we focus our attention to helping Roshin kill the Ice Devil. With its support gone, the Ice Devil reluctantly turns to attack us. We are reminded again of how much we hate devils. The damn thing keeps shrugging off spells and is barley flinching even under Roshin’s powerful hits. They seem to be doing the trick though as it vanishes, presumably returning to its plane of origin.

We follow another cat and are led to a grand hall. There is a gargantuan statue in the center with a Storm Giant perched on its open palm. He is dressed in blue and white robes so this is very likely the giant we were looking for. Surrounding him is a group of Hill Giants lobbing boulders. An obvious leader is riding a Triceratops and directing the group. We are starting to run short on offensive spells, but thankfully they are standing in a perfect Lightning Bolt formation. I love when I can maximize the effect of my spells! Kamahl continues with his own lightning while Roshin, Evengar, and Midna take out Hill Giants one at a time. Widget continues his songs and throwing a few spells of his own out. As usual, he doesn’t seem to mind targeting Midna… The Storm Giant also peppers his attackers with spells as well. One by one we kill off the other giants until only one remains. He notices that he is all alone and decides he has somewhere else he would rather be at that moment. No one has enough in them to try to chase him down as he bolts from the fortress at top speed.

With the fighting over, Storm Giant climbs down and introduces himself. He is Zorath, the owner of this fortress. He plops down heavily into a beanbag like chair and at least two dozen cats begin coming out of every conceivable hiding spot and gathering around him. He thanks us for our help and asks us why we have come to his castle. Before going into any details I mention that we passed another group of giants on our way up the mountain. Zorath springs up, surprised, and shouts for us to follow him! He takes us to the main gate and we peer down the brass spiral.

The group we passed has indeed made it to the base of the spiral! Before we can even prepare for another fight we notice the one giant that got away. He is just making it to the bottom of the spiral as well. He begins shouting and pointing back up at the castle frantically. Apparently he succeeded in dissuading them from attack as the party of giants begin to turn around and head back into the tick fog surrounding the fortress. Phew!

With the crisis averted we introduce ourselves to Zorath. We explain our quest to create a Book of the Titan. He would be willing to help us in creating one, but in return he asks that we help him. The giants that attack were unprovoked as far as he knows. When we tell him that it was an Ice Devil destroying the foundation he thinks the attacks may be orchestrated by another force just using the Hill Giants. If we investigate what force(s) would want to destroy his fortress, he will help us complete Ravhi’s work.
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