When the leaves turn color, and frost on the pumpkins signals to the world that the winter is at hand. The eternal cycle of death and rebirth marks the passage of time and keeps the world in balance… there have been in recorded history long dark icy winters, years when the warmth of summer that never seems to come, and the cold rains of spring that last long into what should be the sweltering summer months… but when the world is balanced between the last sparks of decaying life and the plunge of the dark cold winter to come. What hope can turn back the this doom when Autumn lasts forever?

When Autumn Lasts Forever is a GURPS 4th Ed game. This is a role-playing game heavy on atmosphere, character development and discovery. This game is set (starts) in April 2015, and is the time before the Undead Apocalypse.

This "campaign" has been set up to be a resource for the players of the game. With files, forums, NPC contacts, and other information. We meet in-person monthly to play in Portland, Connecticut. On-line or Skype interaction is only used for the periods where we are not meeting. Players must attend the games in person to participate.


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Last time on S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files
The S.H.E.E.L.A. Team found their way through the treacherous land of Carosa and finally made it to France… the Louvre

Where they held up for a few days, recovered, and tried to ready themselves for the journey ahead.
From the roof the apparent hazards in Paris seemed to be:



and Angry mobs:

After setting up a return route and attempting to deal with an armed ‘zombie’

The team headed out… soon after they were attacked by both Nazis and Werewolves.

The battel did not go well… Liam decided to kill Ole… resulting in a fire fight between members.

By the end of the day Ole, Liam and Ahn were dead, and Caleb badly injured.

The Team headed back to the Louvre to regroup and sort out… Caleb will stay behind, the others will go one without him…

Dark days are ahead… Tune in to The S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files to see what happens next….
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Next time on S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files
Next time the S.H.E.E.L.A. Team approaches a city... once a great metropolis... now... well, our team will find out...

What will they find.. a way home, madness, death... or maybe all three... Tune in to the S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files to find out!
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Last time on S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files
Finding themselves once again in Carcosa, the S.H.E.E.L.A. Team once again are lost... no sign of a city, towns deserted...

and the lake is nothing more than rolling mist.

After setting off, soon bodies were found in the sand... dead bodies of citizens of Dunseith that had crossed over.

A few days later as the team followed the shore of the lake, the team decided to investigate a giant black spike driven into the ground… which turned out to be a giant crashed space ship.

After falling in through a pit, the Team found themselves in a deep underground complex of tunnels, occupied by ghosts and snakemen.

After climbing back out through the ship, the team gain found themselves following the shore. They passed through a primitive village, and decided to take some canoes out on to the lake.

Things when strange when the water turned to mist and they started to sink…down... down… to a ruined city at the bottom, the apparent tombs of Hastur...

When the water returned, S.H.E.E.L.A made their way back to the boats and floated to the surface and made their way to a palace on an island..

...where a horrific event is replayed every night. The grand unmasking, and unveiling of the King In Yellow!

Fleeing the island our team rowed for the shore to find yet another ruined city…

What will happen next time... Tune in to S.H.E.E.L.A Case-files to find out!
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Season 3 Premiere – On the road again!
Last Time on S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files

As the undead hoard surged towards the plane the S.H.E.E.L.A. gang and their new friends were eager to take off, when the pilot informed them of the worse news… “We’re almost out of fuel. We can get up in the air, but then we’ll fall”

As the team spread out to find what they needed at the airfield, a large plow truck bust onto the tarmac from the adjacent airfield followed by a tanker truck. As the plow truck plowed the undead, the tanker pulled up to the plane and they began to refuel.

The plow driver was Shay, and the tanker truck driver is Caleb.

Soon they were back in the air…

The S.H.E.E.L.A. team decide that another attempt through Carcosa was needed... and heading back to North Dakota was the best course of action. While Caleb, Jacks, and Sarah seem to have successfully become part of the team, Kristy still cannot apparently get along with the others well.

Jacob brought the team to Devils Lake ND and said his fair-wells… they were returning to home base at 41°12'39.3"N 103°13'12.7"W.

After holding up in a camp lodge for a few days,

the team took out a group of scavengers the team moved on to Dunseith… road blocks, truck accident, a Carcosan sorcerer, and an angry mod all tried to stop our heroes… but they made it to the oasis where the portal is.

The team waited out shift, while Shay and Erin worked to find out more about Kristy (much to their chagrin)... when the shift occurred… and the S.H.E.E.L.A. team found themselves back in Carcoas… but where?

Where will they go and what will they do? What will Season 3 of S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files hold?

Tune in to find out!
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290 hours until
Season 3 Premiere

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