The campaign takes place on the Misty island of Nilfheim, the home of Jotun(giants), and exiles from all the lands of the world of Ymir.

The characters are exiles grouped together on board a transport ship. Just outside the wall of fog that obscures Nilfheim, they are unceremoniously booted into the ocean to make their way to land.

Once they pass the veil of mist they can never return, for one breath of Nilfheim's mist turns a mortal into a 'Breathless One'. Forever after, a breathless one must have access to the mist, or they will die.

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Session 2, 11/7/13
The adventurers informed Symon of the noble's death, and the cultist workings of the prison. They were joined by a Ranger, named Aramil, and his companion wolf, George. He washed up on Nilfheim's shores shortly after they left to find the noble.

Symon was pleased to hear this, of course, and more than willing to hand out a suitable award for the task. Unfortunately, the reward was implicating the adventurers in the noble's death. Symon's exact words were, "sorry, someone has to take the blame for it, and it ain't going to be me." After which, the rogue took the opportunity to slip away unseen leaving the adventurers surrounded by a phalanx of soldiers, lead by a mage.

They valiantly fought for their freedom, but was unable to overcome the soldier's superior numbers, and the powerful magic of a high ranking mage.

The adventurers found themselves inside a different prison. Luckily, this one was ran by somewhat law-abiding soldiers, rather than death god worshipping cultists. Baldric used his wit to make his cell appear empty, and tempt a soldier to investigate. Lacking sufficient quantity of mental faculties, the soldier complied with Baldric's scheme, and entered the cell. Baldric promptly picked the keys from the soldier's pocket, locked him in, and let his comrades out. Escape became a simple matter of slaying the rest of the guards that stood between them, and the exit.

The party decided to find a place where they can identify the loot attained during their raid on the cultists. Hearing of a place catering to persons such as them, they headed to the Stairs to Nowhere Tavern. The bard, Laientriel, was only too happy to help them identify their newly aqcuired items, for a small fee.

On the way to a blacksmith, the party was waylayed by would be bounty hunters. Apparently, Symon put a price on the adventurer's heads. Unfortunately, the party's might proved to be much more than they bargained for, and they were slaughtered. Though, one did manage to escape. This appeared to be the final straw for the group, and they decided to take Symon out.

Back at the Stairs to Nowhere Tavern, the party ran into a group of individuals who were similarly dissatisfied with Symon. They had information that had Symon's whereabouts at the Blind Dagger Guild 30 to 40 leagues west of Klut. Very vague directions, but the party was undaunted, and immediately set out.

Along the way, they encountered some Bombardier beetles, and found a den of wererats. Thokk, our hulking, blockhead barbarian, managed to contract lycanthropy, and some other unmentionable disease.
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Session 1, 10/30/13
Our intrepid adventurers crashed on the beach of Klut, and were met by a charismatic goblin, Symon.

Symon graciously handed out some gear for our wayward pc's in return for a small favor. They needed to take care of a troublesome noble who happens to be in the prison.

Symon directed them to the sewers, where a secret entrance was said to exist. He'd go himself, but he had extremely important matters to attend to that night.

After dispatching some common street thugs, the party dropped into the sewers which happened to be infested with the undead. They found the secret entrance to the prison surprisingly fast, thanks to Asen Lotein's priestly powers.

The Prison turned out to be controlled by a death cult who worships Eir. The party put an end to the cult's foul deeds, and rescued a half orc monk. They journyed down to the prison's second level where they found the noble they were hunting being sacrificed by the cultist leader.

Not content to simply let the cult finish their business for them, the party slew the cult leader, his fiendish mount, and looted the place.

Now, they are on their way back to Symon's place to finish their quest.
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