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1-10 Tekoa Transmission 4
What can I say.... we're in trouble again. Chasing this infernal galaxy to try to find my father, and kill my ex, is really becoming tedious. I don't know what I have to do to convince Ty to help me "take care of her" permanently... But heck did we have a good time, stealing ships, hopefully going to make some money soon, pay off this stupid debt to Val. I mean we've never even met the guy and it feels like my first born needs to go to him... IF I ever have children.... Lately I've been hearing these voices in my sleep again, almost like someone calling to me, for help.... so weird... but I'm sure it'll go away again, it always does.
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Journal Entry 3 Miko Ren
Well, they finally found me. Tek's girlfriend sold me out. I never thought I would say this, but I'm starting to agree with him him about her needing to disappear for good. I think I may need to find a way to make myself "disappear." We have tried to lure her to a planet close to Tepasi, but that did not go as planned. Seems like there may be more going on with the Empire and the rebels than we know about.
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Dear Adelaie
Another letter I hope you see some day. I am still will, though there are new scars being added it seems almost daily. Life on the Outer Rim is rough, everyone is always on the lookout for their big score, and willing to do almost anything to get it. I guess I am included in that group now, as we have done some very , shall i say , destructive things to clear our debt and bring me closer to clearing my name with the Empire. Today K-1, Tek and I destroyed a Droid control Ship ! For a good reason ? Not sure, but I believe tales of our abilities can only help open doors for us out here.
As always yours.
Session: Game Session 4 - Friday, Nov 01 2013 from 8:30 PM to 12:00 AM
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11-1 Tekoa Transmission 3
It was EPIC!!!!! ships crashing into things, droids shooting around every corner, bombs blowing up all around us, and even the station falling apart. Ty, Z-1, and myself barely made it out alive. We over came some more battle droids with an expert plan that was laid out by Ty. But go figure... I broke about 12 more computer consoles, their little buttons are so easy to break, it's strange, you'd think that consoles that are made for droids to operate would be more sturdy... oh well... So not only did we get some garbage hauler of the station we found the Purple Spider... that's right THE Purple Spider. Not sure which Hutt it belongs to nowadays, but it's probably a big one.... it had a little infestation problem but good ole Z-1 took care of those. Man my back hurts, damn you TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Diagnostics complete Z1i memory reference 1x0fg95
Dreaded Space nanites did it again. Stupid pesky bugs. Must have had them on me from that blasted planet I was stuck on with Psiden. Thankfully it only puts me in shut off for a full reset for one day.

I had the craziest dream. to be honest I am quiet amazed. I didn't think we droids could dream but I did. I dreamt that Psiden and I were off on an adventure to capture some woman. This made it even more odd, for what do I care of meat bags male or female. In any case Psiden was very excited ... and then things get fuzzy ... and then things get fuzzy... and then things get fuzzy... (*slaps head*) one last stupid bug. Now I am truly feeling better.

The dream moved into my newest idea for an invention. A flying protection droid. Something much like the floating medical droids or interrogation droids the Empire likes to use. I am sure I have the blue prints in my mind, and I will begin working on the build immediately.

I wonder why everyone is in such a huff, they must have lost something important...
Session: Session 2 - Friday, Sep 06 2013 from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM
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