In the distant and unfortunately highly Slavic land of Ustalav sinister forces are at play. This Eastern principality is known for its long history of tumultuous encounters with the undead, and constantly lives in the shadow of its past. A misty history of rule by the Necromancer-King known only as the Whispering Tyrant. For years all this, for most folks anyway, has been long in the past. Now though, the reports of hauntings are beginning again, and the people of the region are quickly growing weary. While the only man who stuck is nose in too deep was killed, possibly for doing so.

In tandem with all this, an ambitious Prince is beginning to make his move to modernize his land, and the orcish tribes just outside the borders are being subjugated by a force that isn't the army of Ustalav. Will heroes come through the chaos? Or is the Land of Ustalav lost forever?

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Days On My Own 1-3
Day One, Mysteries and Man-Handling
upon finally arriving in Ravengro after slithering for days I attended the funeral for a dear old friend of mine. I would prefer not to go into the embarrassment that was my eulogy for him. Shortly after when our little group was moving the casket we were confronted by a bundle of angry villagers and a small snaffle broke out. I've face many a wild animal or aberration with my crossbow but never an innocent man, my tail was quaking in fear I was surprised I was even able to make one of them run off with an empty threat. after carelessly dropping the professors casket the strange naked man ended up grappling the leader of the villagers and dry humped him forcefully (I feel disgraceful just writing that). after the funeral we were led to the professors house and we were given instructions through his will. we are to stay here and watch over his estate for 30 days and then deliver his various parchment and research materials. His personal belongings seemed so strange.I went to bed that night with a mind heavy with questions.

Day Two, Strange Things Happen

I decided to spend the day looking around the house the words written in the journal echoed through my head. The professor said in his journal that he had aquired some ghost fighting weaponry i searched the house all day but nothing of value came up. though the day was not entirely uneventful. The large almost naked man burst through the front door with a dead lamb in his hands. I don't mean to be so antagonizing and rude to him and I really shouldn't be so judgmental of his strangeness especially considering I'm not really one to talk being a fish from the waist down.

Day Three, A Dastardly Defiling Deed
I awoke early to find what seemed like the entire town gathered around a statue that was horribly defiled in the night. Covered in blood the statue was and the only defining characteristic of the display was a large 'V' written. After that I remembered that mom told me that the best way to make a good impression on a new town is to buy a round of drinks at the local tavern. they seemed to really like the drinks which made it easier to me to talk to them well.... what little talking I could do. Me and the other outsiders reconvened at the center of town.

Thoughts on the Others
besides myself I have been grouped together with four others, here are descriptions and my thoughts on them

Bigus Dickus- I believe this his name, he is quite strong looking. He hardly ever speaks common eloquently and he usually speaks in a tongue quite foreign to me. It's hard for me to look at him directly he wears no clothes aside from a loincloth and it doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination

Sa Bing - what has four arms two giant hammers and is on fire? whatever the hell this guy is. he is quite sociable and kind, though I find him a bit intimidating given the fact just standing near him dries me up like one of mom's prunes

Draiochta wech Selbalg- this girl... she has an other worldly quality about her even more so than the others. she seems very reserved but kind. I can't make heads or tails of her yet.

Auguste Rodin-so far he has spent his days studying the entries in the temple but he is always so quite and reserved. I can't put my finder on it but there is something off about him, some kind of lust for power... or perhaps it's nothing. Besides that there is nothing to note about him except for some horrible burns on his arm.
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