The Keranak Kingdoms awaits a quick sword, a silver tongue and a hardy soul.

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Soul's Reach 1st session
Ulf Orbson
Human, warrior from Highland Valley
  • Big bear of a man [*]Boastful [*]Likes to drink

Ed Swiftwood
Elf, thief from Aarimira Clave
  • Sneaky [*]Quiet

Meamora Cadenza
Human, scout, from orphanage in Keranak Province
  • Albino [*]Mistreated [*]I'm an albino, not psychic!

Human, cleric from ?
  • Always eating [*] Bashful to women [*]Preachy
Shield is his holy symbol.

How do we know each other?
Ulf is traveling to the southern kingdoms, taking a break from the harsh tundra environment in the north and "giant watching". He meets Jon the cleric who is traveling to "find his way". They stumble upon the orphanage and find Meamora who is being mistreated and they take her under their wing. Swiftwood just showed up one day or night, it's a bit unclear (he is using the cleric for cover). Ulf's wants Meamora to be a scout in the snow fields of the north.

Session Notes
While in Dul'Urich, Swiftwood chased down a kid who robbed an out-of-town merchant. The merchant, from Far Vandimir game him a coin w/ the symbol of Dominar on one side.

The party packs provisions and heads off with Geof. Ulf has his riding horse and each have a mule to carry provisions. After a day of travel they come upon an oasis, a lush jungle oasis with unnaturally large trees and underbrush. Meamora scouts ahead, finds nothing and the party treks into the foliage. They spot a bison w/ saddle and are they attacked by spear wielding gnolls. The gnoll shaman climbs a tree and begins to entangle the party and then case Shadown Weave at the cleric (who almost dies) They are easily victorious thanks to a few bone chips and some good archery by Swiftwood. :-)

Siftwood immediately for a camp and finds something.

Session End
Most raise their level 1 to 2, Swiftwood picks up spellcasting, however the only way he can do this is to use the gnoll shamans skull bracelet that has the Hinder spell. If Swiftwood makes it back to a wizards school he'll be able to learn spellcasting.
Session: 1 Soul's Reach - Monday, Apr 29 2013 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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