The Year is 2016 and the world very much the same as we know it, yet the blood of men boil and tensions between brothers all across the world incites violence in men. The signs are everywhere, and are now too evident to ignore.

World of Darkness: Hell Followed is a follow up chronicle to a World of Darkness story, called Revelations: First Seal. Segmented into SAS styled Chapters and focusing primarily on the Roleplaying side of the Storyteller Adventure System. Based primarily in Modern Nights, the game setting centers around New York City but touches on many areas of the world before the game reaches it's climax.

Currently in development, World of Darkness: Hell Followed has no tentative first session date.

Based in a sandbox game environment, much of the references and Wiki materials will be divulged as the subjects are touched upon In game in order to limit preexisting concepts for experienced players and to increase the enjoyment of new players.

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