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Journal Entry 431
Finally made it to EARTH today! Entering the atmosphere was thrilling and foreboding at the same time. The sky looks like one giant storm and we could barely see the SSPC before we were right on top of it. We couldn't see the Earth's surface at all, just constant lightning out the windows.

We put a security team together to search the station. We made it most of the way around the cell blocks before we ran into geri-rigged janitorial bots with automatic weaponry. None of the lights worked and despite being caught by surprise we managed to take them down. Unfortunately there was hardly any cover and one of the security team died. Luckily Lincoln and the Lieutenant (one of strange guy's personalities) were there. In exploring the cell blocks we found some dead nanites just in dust on the floor... I still don't know what they were doing there.

Then when we got ready to explore the interior of the station that contained the self sustaining farm. I wanted to bring our Ceres system expert but Lincoln thought there still might be some hostile bots around so I gave up on that. The Lieutenant carried me down the elevator shaft with the jet pack in his suit and grabbed my ass! haha! I hope his girl personalities don't find out. hahaha.

Anyway, he was making comments about how this was the perfect haunt for zombies, and I had to agree, I mean, dark, creepy, abandoned ex-prison sounds like the perfect horror movie set to me. So we make it into the vegetation area and there is a giant hole in the middle. A ramp circled the hole and Lincoln was clearing the rooms as we passed them when all of a sudden there was this guy. Like cybertron-Chuck Norris. He bum rushed Link right off the ramp, down two stories and then almost punched his heart out. I swear the Terminator was more well adjusted than this guy. So Link had to quit fooling around and kick the guy's ass. By then I started hearing noises and I ran all the way to the bottom of the hole. Then there were like 20 guys surrounding us, drooling and grunting and I will be damned if they weren't zombies. The Lieutenant flew me out of there and shot some rockets out of his suit into the hole. I tried to take some shots but... I'm not used to this whole adventure gig I guess. They took down most of the... things without me. Link was really beat up and the Lietenant's Doctor side insisted on looking at my wounds from earlier.

Now we're resting up before searching the bowels of the station for any more of those things. (The stranger with lots of people in his head needs a new name... switch... that's good. He'll be Switch with descriptor from now on.) Doctor Switch found more nanites in the zombie bodies... scary! Nanites that could take away your will!? Awful.
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Journal Entry 392
So as of today, I survived an assassination attempt
. And that wasn't even the craziest thing that happened. This morning, 6 weeks out from earth, the ship was attacked by pirates! I did my best to be nice and one of the captains knew who I was and turned against his allies for me ;)
Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to turn the battle in our favor. We were saved by a mysterious ship! Our first story for the IPNN [InterPlanetary News Network], I thought, so after we were out of danger they sent one of the crew over to help us with repairs... turns out he was... how do I put this. The only crew member? Well that's not exactly true. I invited the whole crew over for dinner to thank them, and he was the only one that showed up, but with a different accent... and he said he was the doctor. It took us a while to figure it out because he was always in this crazy body armor suit, but this guy... he has multiple personalities. Two of them are girls!!! Tres, tres strange.

Then during dinner, I made a really unpleasant scene. I started having this pain everywhere. I immediately though of the killing nanites that father researched - the ones that burrow out of you and destroy everything in the way? Yeah. Me screaming, Lincoln [my bodyguard] freaking out. He was injecting me with all kinds of first aid; I was going for the steak knife on the table, anything to make it easier to get the things out of me. Luckily I didn't go nuts on him, it was too much pain.
The "doctor" guy from the mystery ship shot me up with something amazing (I swear no matter the personality this guy is a genius) and the pain finally subsided mostly. I snapped at our ship's doctor for wanting to give me yet another shot. Lincoln's theory that someone on the ship had activated the nanites was probably valid and another shot of something bad could've done me in, but whatever he gave me actually helped.

I told Lincoln that he should go find a pirate survivor and question them, but that didn't lead anywhere.
I don't understand the point of wanting me dead. This news station will give the remnant of humanity hope or closure. We need to know what happened, what is still happening because of Chimera. Just a few more weeks until we get to the ex-SSPC [Self-Sustaining Prison Colony {just made that up}] and we can set up a base of operations. I just have to figure out who could have set me up. In the interest of my safetly Lincoln insists I stay on the stranger's ship for the remainder of the trip. Maybe I'll find out something interesting about him... er... her, depending - so confusing!
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