From the sun-baked deserts of Calimshan, to the frigid wastes of Icewind Dale, an aura of foreboding is sweeping over the land of Faerûn. An age old darkness, fixated on its own diabolical goals, rises again to recommence its reign of terror. With its old adversaries removed from its path, can anyone stop the wave of horror that this harbinger of the Far Realm is sure to release?

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Flee to the South
After getting to know Perseus a little bit we began to make plans for convincing Cassial that attacking BG is a bad idea... Because it's a shitty idea.

We heard a commotion and looked to the front gates when we noticed that a man was being dragged in through the mud. It was Ki-e. I don't know how he knew were here but we started hastening toward him. I saw Cassial palm ki-e's harper pin. As we got up to him Madric starts flipping out I told Cassial that I would need that harper pin back. Cassial is surprised to realize we are harpers, and he immediately sends us to our arena.

I was under the impression that the initiation at the peak of the full moon was going to be one where people stood on a stage and accepted some sort of award. Maybe some trophies even. Nope... We became part of the initiation as the initiates were to fight us in the arena. So as we were waiting to be brought into the arena Kaze smooth-talks one of the guards into getting his sword for him to fight with. He also promises a good show. I decided to follow suit with a none too subtle innuendo and a wink. Needless to say I got my staff back.

Just before Madric and I are sent into the arena a cat brushes up against my leg. It had a note in it's mouth from Elharus telling me that the pins are not safe to use and that Keeven has been ousted from the Flaming Fist. It also says that there is an imminent attack on the Werewoods tonight and to flee south. I told Madric because I wasn't sure what he wanted to do about his father. He immediately told the entire arena... I tried to roll with it to get people on Madric's side.

Guess what, Cassial doesn't care. He sent in the initiates to fight us. Madric told me to stay by his side so I did. I used my awesome hat and as I lifted the hat towards the shifter 13 gems shot out and pegged three of our opponents. Madric downed the last two and then we began to hear screams from the crowd. Looking up one could see the glow of fires spreading through the forest.

Cassial is convinced that he must meet this attack head on and after wearing him down he decided to follow us and flee to the south. Hessivus came with us.

We grabbed some horses and as we were fleeing an explosion blew up our horses and knocked us down. Only Kaze's horse survives. The new captain of the Flaming Fist and a contengent of soldiers come upon us. The captain said to kill us all and to burn the camp. We immediately fight back. Ki-e takes out eight with one blow. More filter in. Kaze takes out another ten. Hessivus and I are having trouble holding off more. I used my hat again and a glowing light came out soaking my hair and making it beautiful and silky. I suddenly felt the power to push a little bit further and impaled the captain with eldrich cats!!

After killing more and more Flaming Fist it was apparent to me that this isn't the right course of action. I start asking if we should flee or talk to them. Both Kaze and Percy give it a shot. Ki-e flees after asking me what to do and me saying that I wasn't sure. I give try to lie and make them believe we're all innocent. They still go after Cassial and Hessivus. Kaze gives them his horse and we all cheez it together.
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Into the Calimshan Desert
Our boss told us to move boxes, as if. Ellis, Conrad, Gareth and I are about to start gambling, as usual. I bet half of what I have and Gareth takes it all. O well I guess. We are hiding in the keep behind some boxes, but we start to see clouds forming over the dig site. Who cares? They don't pay us enough.

Gareth's girlfriend comes up and gives us some food. She's a sweet little halfling. They make a cute couple. She left and we continue gambling. It is a particularly hard bout between Gareth and I when I see the clouds start to funnel down behind him. It's starting to creep toward the keep...

I bring their attention to it. It's inky, and dark. It keeps coming closer and closer. Conrad and Ellis run downstairs to find the boss. I hear them screaming but I can't tear myself away from the darkness spreading towards us. The inky, liquid-like clouds are upon the keep now, and I hear the downstairs door creak and pop and finally break as if under great pressure. Conrad and Ellis run back up the stairs baring the door. They begin to stack boxes up to the next level of the keep. I still can't look away.

Gareth goes down stairs. I'm not sure why... We all hear a bloodcurdling scream and something that sounds suspiciously like shredding and ripping. I'm so scared. I run up the haphazard stairs Conrad and Ellis have been making. In my haste I can just reach the next level but I knock a box off. Ellis has to hoist me up. He throws me a rope which I secure to a trap door. I help him up. Conrad is next. The door pops open and the clouds come so close to Conrad. I reach him and hurriedly help him up. Something in the dark smoke looked too much like a claw.

We open the trap door. Boss is in there dead. I gasp. We're trapped. The cloud begins to filter up over the lip of our level. I hear buzzing. Soon that's all I can hear. The smoke makes three large pillars that then form into flowing robes. Three monsters stand before us.

I scream.
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Walk through the Werewoods
we woke up and Ki-e was gone. Also Peri's stuff was messed up and her pillows were taken. I'm not sure what happened. She had most of that gold, and knowing how she loves the shiny, part of me thinks she ran off with it. No matter because we made out with a pretty nice bit and Kaze let me keep that gold ring. It's beautiful!

We had a service for Bohe. We looked for Kord... He doesn't exist. I thouht maybe he was just obscure, but when we asked around no one knew him. We looked for hours for a temple and finally decided to go with Kelemvar. He probably shouldn't have skull fucked people... The congregation seemed to talk about that. Madric and Kaze said something for him, I stayed silent. He really shouldn't have raped things...

Madric got a flyer talking about a meeting of the lupine kind in which his father was to be in attendance. So tonight is the night that the meeting is happening. So after going to the Wide we head out. I guess we could have left Ki-e a note but I forgot...

So we walk into the woods. The moon is full and bright. We hear motion around us but we walking. Madric told us to follow his lead so I do. Eventually a longtooth shifter greets us and asks Madric questions. Madic finally throws out that he is Cassial's son. More people surround us and ask that we drop our weapons. I drop my staff (HA! luckily I always keep a staff in my bra, and I kept my kickass hat!). We follow the shifter while the rest prod us along.

We finally get to a huge wooden wall that is well hidden. We go through to gate and get to Cassial's tent. The meeting between father and son was a little anticlimactic. Apparently Madric's granfather tried to run Cassial off and Cassial killed his attackers. After that he skipped town (to keep Madric safe?) and made this grouping of people to respect from non-weres. His plan is to storm Baldur's Gate.

Madric tries to convince him that this won't work. It's quite obvious that the citizens of BG fear weres and that is why they disdain them. This plan is quite possibly the worst plan I have ever fucking heard. Cassial directs us to talk to his people so we may "sympathize" with them. But the people treat us like shit. They might as well have spit on me. These people are incredibly stupid. They don't want people to understand their plight, all they want is to do whatever the fuck they want without consequence. I don't understand them AT ALL.

There are two of them that want to talk to the people of BG and hopefully make peace with them. Hassivus had been talking to Keeven, and this shaman guy wanted the same as Hassivus. I know it would be slow going, but it's the only good decision to make.

After a failed attempt to talk to Cassial we decide to cool off at a bar. There is a Minotaur playing with a bunch of gnomes, apparently they are Percy and the Gang. Some guy heckles them and trips a gnome. He then crushes his lute. Madric and the Minotaur teach that asshole a lesson. Percy has had seemingly too many "free" drinks and starts talking about his band. They get pissy and leave. Percy seems cool. I've never seen a Minotaur in a band before... He seems interested in our troubles so we clue him in.
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Deep down in dungeons of Gygax wonder,
Behind the shroud of falling rocks,
He stayed behind to raise the gates
To ensure we find the light of day.
Though now warm air licks my wounds,
I am forced to always remember
That as we each gained riches
From our dive in dark depths,
He had no choice but to give
All of which he had left.
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Peri never showed up after the dungeon and she didn't answer on her pin. I hope she is alright. It's only been the better part of a day so I guess she could be tired, or knocked out. She is probably fine. She may even be just grieving for Bohe. I want her to come back to us.

I may have a surprise for her though! I was hoping she may let me barrow one of her shin gems so I could make a ring for her!! She loves the shiny and I was hoping to give it a place of pride on her hand. Plus she could always look at it and see her first love, the shiny.
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